Call Recording

Did you know that every VirtualPBX plan includes the ability to record calls? Call recording is a valuable tool for many businesses and it’s already available with every VirtualPBX VoIP line! Whether it’s for regulatory reasons, training and quality control, or another purpose fitting your business needs, it’s just another way you can benefit from your existing VirtualPBX business telephone service.

How Does Automatic Call Recording Work?

Implementing call recording can be as easy as defaulting it for each line you want calls recorded on, or selecting manual mode and simply pressing “#9” at any point during any call to begin recording. Your recorded phone calls will come with a notification to one, both, or no parties as you see fit. Please note that laws governing call recording permission and notification vary from state to state. Make sure to check the usage terms for your area before beginning any call recording strategy. The Federal Communications Commission’s guide on telephone recording is available here.

Just like all of VirtualPBX’s technology, the call recording feature can be customized to work the way you want it to. Any extension that you’ve given permission to access call records can playback, download, sort, or delete as much or as little of the record library as you see fit. This includes giving each department its own specific settings, too. For example, all calls could be recorded for your customer service department but could be turned off for other departments like accounting or sales.

For more information about using call recording features, view one of these videos:

Call Recording Storage and Dropbox Integration

By default, all VirtualPBX call recordings will be available to you for 14 days before they are removed from your system. While you are free to download your recorded calls and use your onsite data storage, we’ve employed a much simpler way to store and share your data with one simple click. Introducing Dropbox integration. If you haven’t yet heard of Dropbox, it is a simple to use file storage system that works seamlessly across all devices. Their basic plan is free and hosts up to 2GB of storage – plenty for your call records. Need to share these records with your peers? Simple! Just share your Dropbox folder with them, and you’ll both be rewarded with even more storage space as a gift from Dropbox. If you decide you want more space, Dropbox also offers additional plans that host up to several terabytes of space. To start saving your call recordings to Dropbox, visit your call records in the vConsole and simply click, “Save to Dropbox.”


What Option is Right for my Business?

Your business isn’t like any other business, so you shouldn’t settle for anything other than the right call recording plan for you. VirtualPBX offers nearly limitless options for tailoring your business phone service to your specific needs, and call recording from VirtualPBX is no exception. All Office Plans include the ability to record calls. Call recording costs 1¢/min on all Office Plans, but should your business have a greater need, an unlimited block of call recording is available of $29.99. Contact our team to get started!

1Unlimited minutes are for calls to the continental US and Canada and are subject to our Terms of Use

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