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Have You Signed Up for the VirtualPBX Mobile for Business Beta Yet?

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Have You Signed Up for the VirtualPBX Mobile for Business Beta Yet?

Sign-Up-For-VirtualPBX-Mobile-for-Business-BetaUnless you were hiding under a rock, or perhaps you were out traversing the glaciers of Iceland, you probably heard about the big news we had the other week. By launching the open beta period for our new Mobile for Business, we’ve begun an entirely new epoch in business communications. Because, until now, businesses haven’t had the option to keep their employees’ mobile phones up and running without including a cumbersome reimbursement program into their business communications plan. But now that there is a truly mobile feature available that’s native to your existing business phone plan, all of that is a thing of the past. Now, the only question left isn’t, are you ready to streamline your business mobile phone use, it’s rather, have you signed up for the VirtualPBX Mobile for Business beta yet?

The Time To Sign Up For the VirtualPBX Mobile for Business Beta is Now

One of the key things to remember is that, sure, this is a beta of a late-stage product feature. That means that we’re far enough down the Product Roadmap to introduce a fully-functioning mobile phone feature to our customers. However, because there is always a small window for some final tweaks and refinements, this is your chance to participate in that last stage of development. That said, maybe there is an insight you can offer or a perspective we haven’t considered that will be valuable to your employees and to users all over the world. In order to bring the absolute best experience to the VirtualPBX Mobile for Business feature, we’d love to have your input. However, as much as your two cents would be worth their weight in gold (too many currency metaphors?), we have to inform you the window of opportunity is closing very soon. We’ve gotten a great response to the beta period for Mobile for Business and have a few more slots to hand out, but they’re not going to last much longer. So unless you’ve already signed up for the VirtualPBX Mobile for Business beta, your last chance to do so is in the next two days.

What You Need to Know About the VirtualPBX Mobile for Business Beta

Everything about how the VirtualPBX Mobile for Business feature works is available on the beta sign-up page, but we wanted to underscore some aspects of it again here. First and foremost is the fact that this is a mobile data opportunity for your employees that is operated across the lightning-fast nationwide 4G LTE network that you’ve probably already relied on for your personal use. What’s different is that all data and service are provided by VirtualPBX so your use, be it over VoIP or mobile, is all managed under one roof. That means that all of the same device and extension management that you’ve come to expect from your Dash phone plan is going to extend to the mobile phones you can add through this feature. Second is that you’re going to have the same type of freedom in device selection that you can expect from most modern personal mobile phone plans including the opportunity to begin using texting for business as well. This means that basically any unlocked phone from the past two years will be compatible with the Mobile for Business feature. And finally and perhaps most impactful for the purposes of your business, this is not anything like a personal mobile phone service. That’s because this is a business-first and business-only mobile phone system. As a result, there will be no throttling or battery drain due to running over the top applications like a softphone because the phone service operates directly over the 4G LTE network and so isn’t sapping data just to make a phone call.

That should be enough to whet your appetites for a mobile feature on your business phone plan, but if you still want to know more, you can head over to the VirtualPBX Mobile for Business beta sign-up page. Also, while you’re there, ahem, you can also sign-up. All kidding aside, though, the chance to participate in the beta and put your mark on the biggest thing in business telephone service since the first cloud-based telephone service won’t be here forever. So sign up now, and let us know what you think!

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