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VirtualPBX Opens Beta Testing Period for VoIP Mobile Business Phone on Dash in Bid for Uncompromised Communications Security

VirtualPBX is opening a window for users to participate in a limited beta testing program on their VoIP mobile telephone service that is native to Dash Plans and that promises to, among other benefits, fortify business data security.

San Jose, California, February 27, 2018 — In a break from the tradition in Silicon Valley to hold cards close to the chest, VirtualPBX is announcing a public beta testing for what is likely to be the next big thing from the hosted telecom provider. Today the technology and telecommunications services provider announced the sign-up period for their new VoIP mobile business phone feature for the award-winning Dash cloud communications platform has officially begun.

“We have been working on developing one aspect or another for this mobile VoIP platform for quite some time,” explained Lon Baker, VirtualPBX’s COO, “but it was essential to make sure it operated with all of the best aspects a user would expect from both their personal mobile phones and their Dash professional VoIP business phones.”

While the company has been forthcoming with the bulk of the technical information powering their new mobile feature, what exactly the best aspects of mobile and VoIP includes is a wide and sweeping category. For starters, customers will be able to use several popular mobile phones from Apple, Google, and Samsung. Additionally, the mobile data network will operate off of the popular 4G LTE network and a VirtualPBX subscriber identification module (SIM) card. The resulting outcome of this pairing means that beta users will be able to bring any phone from the approved manufacturer list so long as it was made in about the past two years. Additionally, VirtualPBX plans to have multiple, possibly exclusive, hardware options available for their mobile network to accompany their existing list of VoIP and network hardware recommendations. The company asserts that the ease of adoption that the new mobile platform represents is intended to mirror the Universal Device Compatibility of their existing Dash VoIP Plans, but that it has other key advantages, as well.

“As we’ve been able to help companies expand their operations outside of the confines of the traditional office, we’ve found that there exist other ways they want to be able to control their overall unified communications footprint,” added Baker.

Operationally, the advantages of choosing a mobile strategy that operates over a company’s existing VoIP system far outweigh the already compelling benefits of a mobile-first communications strategy that requires personal mobile phones alone. Advanced call forwarding and outbound caller ID masking empower Dash users to emulate a business line without broadcasting their personal telephone number. Mobile phones on this beta program will address that concern and add entirely new elements of security to a business’ communications network.

“Appropriately, companies are addressing their data security needs and assessing risks more thoroughly than ever before,” continued Baker, “By using the same military-grade encryption for our mobile phones that we employ to secure our existing VoIP plans, we’re eliminating an employee’s personal network from the equation. This represents the closure one of the most commonly neglected loopholes in a company’s security protocol.”

Network, data, and overall digital security are more important today than ever before, and the mobile phones beta program is likely to prove invaluable to users who hold corporate defense in the highest regard. While this will likely be reason enough for many businesses to flock to apply for the beta testing program, it also represents just one aspect of what the company promises will be a host of advantages. Especially considering that this mobile feature will open the door to VoIP-enabled texting and it also introduces VirtualPBX as a data broker as well, because the company will be the sole provider of data options over Dash Mobile. Another notable advantage of this platform is the total control and simplicity that comes with having all phones, mobile and desktop alike, under the same account with the same bill. Considering VirtualPBX’s lengthy history of consistently producing products and services that have taken the hosted telecom industry by storm, it seems they are well down the path of delivering another noteworthy result.

For more information on VirtualPBX and to apply to participate in the public beta testing period for their new mobile platform, please visit the VirtualPBX Mobile Beta Sign Up Page. Or, for more on what the company is developing, visit the VirtualPBX Product Roadmap.

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