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The 3 Reasons to Use Mobile for Business from VirtualPBX

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The 3 Reasons to Use Mobile for Business from VirtualPBX

reaosns to use mobile for business on opening dayLike we’ve discussed in the past, sports often impact how Americans choose to work, or more commonly, not work. That’s why today, in recognition of the official opening of the Major League Baseball regular season, we’re focusing on the latest technology that fuels remote working, VirtualPBX’s new Mobile for Business feature. Specifically, we’ll be discussing the three most important reasons to use Mobile for Business on opening day, or any day afterward.

The 3 Reasons to Use Mobile for Business on Opening Day

While most, if not all, advances in telecommunications were likely not born out of need to spend more time goofing off at sporting events or sports bars, Mobile for Business on the award-winning Dash Service Plans from VirtualPBX may as well have been. That said, take a moment to realize that although these are uniquely advantageous benefits insofar as enjoying America’s pastime is concerned, they’re actually far more useful in the course of a regular workday, too. But without any further ado, because the first pitch won’t wait for anyone, here are the three reasons to use Mobile for Business.

  1. Caller ID Options By being able to toggle whatever number is displayed when you’re using a VirtualPBX enabled mobile phone, you can effectively show your whereabouts as anywhere you choose. That means if you wanted to hide the mobile number associated with your device and have all outgoing calls show your office number, you can do that. This is useful if you happen to be, say, in the concourse between innings making a call to an important client. Hypothetically, of course.
  2. Pooled Minutes All Mobile for Business phones on a Dash service plan will share the same pool of minutes that the overall organization is allotted. At first glance, that may seem pretty straightforward but it also means that your excessive ballpark business activities won’t show a spike in your mobile minutes when you bring in an expense report. All of the Mobile for Business phones on VirtualPBX will show the same type of use as any other device would have. It’s all about covering your tracks, after all, right?
  3. Nationwide 4G LTE Coverage Is your home team traveling on their opening day? Want to schedule your sales roadshow to coincide with an away-game series? No problem! Because VirtualPBX operates the only 4G LTE nationwide network specifically for your Mobile for Business needs, that means that you can go anywhere and still have the same, crystal-clear coverage that you expect from all of our VoIP products. Heck, you can even go down to some of the Single-A League games and be connected there, too!

Even More Reasons to Use Mobile for Business

The baseball season is long, so don’t overdo your time away from the office just yet. Plus, after the boys of summer are done and provided you haven’t burnt too many bridges along the course of the season, you’ll be able to use the entire array of Mobile for Business features well into next year’s Spring Training, too. The three reasons to use Mobile for Business we’ve listed above are helpful in a pinch(hitter), but they’re also just the tip of the iceberg. You can get the inside(baseball) on the other reasons to use Mobile for Business anytime, too. And remember that posting your Opening Day shenanigans on social media where all of your coworkers can see them is a total rookie mistake that you should avoid making. Instead, why don’t you share where you’re watching the game with us on our own social pages on Facebook and Twitter? We promise we won’t tell as long as you promise to bring us back a chili dog and garlic fries.

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