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The All-New Dash Mobile Goes Live with Beta Testing Period

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The All-New Dash Mobile Goes Live with Beta Testing Period

new dash mobile featureWe have some pretty big news, and it might be best if you were sitting down for the moment. Actually, because you’re reading this online, there’s a good chance that you are seated, but it’s best to make sure. Anyway, today we’re launching the all-new Dash Mobile Feature for our popular Dash Business VoIP Plans! This is a massive step forward that we announced online this morning and one that represents a culmination of a mountain of work on the behalf of everyone at VirtualPBX from the engineering teams to the operations and legal teams. Because this is the beta testing period of the all-new Dash Mobile Feature, in this blog we’ll take a high-level look at the bigger implications of what this development means.

How the New Dash Mobile Fits Into Dash

Answering this question is very much in-line with some of the most compelling benefits of the new Dash Mobile Feature. First is to understand that we are the sole operators of the mobile platform over the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) radio transmitter network. That means that we will be providing and selling the data access to the mobile phones on the network and that they will all be managed under a single Dash account. Because we’re now able to operate a purely mobile experience as part of the overall functions of a Dash VoIP Plan, we can treat it very much like any other premium option like Inbound Call Recording. No matter how any one of our customers’ accounts is comprised, they only ever have to worry about one single, clearly itemized monthly statement rather than fussing around with expense reports and reimbursements for employees who use a personal cellular network. Plus, considering we’ve always valued employee freedom when it comes to device selection, we’re employing a simple SIM card system for importing new mobile phones into the service. There are some slight restrictions like the phone needs to be paid off and manufactured within the past couple of years, but they’re also common to what a person expects when they want to transition their mobile phone across different providers. We’re also going to be providing mobile phones directly to our customers as a compliment to our list of recommended hardware, but those items won’t be available until after the beta testing period is closed. For a complete list of the device restrictions and needs, you can look at the entire run-down on our Dash Mobile Feature page.

What Does New Dash Mobile Mean For Users?

Um, is it too broad to answer with the reply, “Everything?” because that’s really what will change for the better when companies decide to move forward with a mobile strategy directly from VirtualPBX. All kidding aside, there are several key advantages to adopting a mobile phone plan from Dash.

  • Data Security One of the most commonly utilized channels that hackers use to access sensitive company data is not by “storming the front gates,” so to speak, but rather by first compromising an employee’s point of access. By using the new Dash Mobile Feature you completely eliminate the possibility of a weak access point because every VirtualPBX VoIP plan utilizes the industry’s most stringent security protocols.
  • Device Management Additionally, because the mobile feature isn’t a separate platform but rather one that is managed under a company’s existing Dash VoIP plan, that means the management and visibility of mobile are just as simple as with every other extension or device. The simple and clear oversight helps admins make decisions affecting their network based on actionable and irrefutable data.
  • Account Simplicity Fewer vendors, fewer expense reporting, and zero reimbursements all contribute to a categorical improvement in operational efficiency. Because all mobile data, devices, and minutes will be included in the standard usage statements that VirtualPBX customers already receive, the slick interface of Dash extends to the streamlining of managing the overall unified communications of your entire company, too.

What’s Next from the Dash Mobile Feature?

We’re always keen to share some of our most exciting developments on our VirtualPBX Product Roadmap, so there’s an idea of what’s to come always available there. Because the new Dash Mobile opens up our users to a wide new world of, well, mobility, we can certainly point to a few key updates. Specifically, you know that by introducing a mobile feature and by providing our own mobile data plans to users that texting over VoIP isn’t far away. However, remember that this is the new Dash Mobile Beta Period, so we’re keeping an open mind as to what we will be building and editing based on pending feedback from our beta testers. And with that in mind, we want to reiterate that participating in the beta testing period is limited to a set amount of organizations, so you’ll want to Sign Up Now to get in on it.

Because we’re always so inspired by our core users who frequently participate in these beta test periods, we’d like to remind you as well that the VirtualPBX Product Roadmap is always open to your feedback and we regularly conduct similar exercises to this mobile one. And if you have anything to add, feel free to do so there or on Facebook and Twitter, too. In the meanwhile, make sure to get in on the new Dash Mobile beta and take your work with you anywhere!

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