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Audit Your Service Provider – Send Us Your Phone Bill!

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Audit Your Service Provider – Send Us Your Phone Bill!

Magnifying Glass - Send Us Your Phone BillHave you looked at your business’s phone bill lately? You might be paying more than you need to.

We’d like you to consider VirtualPBX for your next Business Phone System, so take a few minutes to examine your current phone bill. Then consider these features that are included in all our plans but are missing or priced higher at our competitors.

You’re even welcome to send us your phone bill! Reach out to our Sales Team to talk about switching to VirtualPBX.

Automated Attendant

VirtualPBX Automated AttendantNot included on Vonage Mobile plan

One essential part of every business is the need to accept incoming calls from customers. Our Automated Attendant makes that easy by presenting callers with your custom greeting and routing them to individuals and group extensions.

If you’re routing incoming calls manually, an auto attendant could make your business more efficient by freeing the time of your receptionist. Many employees are working double duty by answering phones and handling other concerns like filing paperwork, writing copy, and even developing software.

Let our Automated Attendant lift that burden from your shoulders.

Ring Groups

VirtualPBX Ring GroupsNot included on Vonage Mobile or Premium

Part of the power of our Automated Attendant comes from its attachment to Ring Groups.

With Ring Groups, you can sort users into logical groupings – like department or location. Then you can give that group a phone system extension that rings the group’s individual users in an order you choose.

Your Auto Attendant can ring the department head’s phone for the first 20 seconds, then the lead writer for 20 seconds, and then the social media manager for the final 20 seconds. Or you could ring them all at once or any combination you desire.

Keep your departments organized with our Ring Groups.

Audio Conferencing

Not included on Nextiva Basic

Audio Conferencing gives your entire office the opportunity to meet in group phone calls.

Conferencing is an excellent choice for distributed teams that have regular meetings. Any user on our Business Phone System can dial into a meeting room or create their own room. Individual rooms can even be protected with a PIN.

It’s also possible to bring customers or stakeholders into conferences. System users can bring outside parties into calls with a few presses of the conference button on their VoIP phones.

Keep your teams connected with Conferencing.

Zapier Integration

Not included in Grasshopper Plans

One of our newest features, Zapier Integration, is also one of our most exciting.

With Zapier, you can connect your web-based services to our Business Phone System. It allows you, for example, to log your incoming call data within a Google Sheet or receive a Slack notification when a call comes in.

Zapier can help teams manage repetitive tasks that would normally eat into their productivity. It works well for small businesses and enterprises alike.

Keep your applications connected with Zapier Integration.

Ready to Send Us Your Phone Bill?

We’re standing by. Grab that phone bill and send us a quick email.

Our Sales team will consider the features you need and the price you’re paying now for phone service. Then we’ll do our best to beat that price and offer you an even better set of features.

And don’t forget that, throughout the month of September, you can save up to $5 per user on any new VirtualPBX Phone Plan. Click the banner below to compare our plans and sale prices.

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