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VirtualPBX Basic – Phone Service for Entrepreneurs

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VirtualPBX Basic – Phone Service for Entrepreneurs

Business owner oh phone - Phone Service for EntrepreneursOur recent release of new Business Phone Plans had us consider what types of features fit best with the smallest of companies. The answer for single-person shops – our phone service for entrepreneurs – is VirtualPBX Basic.

While no single phone plan works exclusively for a single group, we believe entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from our most economical package. Weighing in below $20 per month, Basic offers users powerful features like audio conferencing and voicemail delivery to email, alongside 500 minutes of calling to numbers in the continental U.S.

We know entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of extra cash. They’re bootstrapping their way to the top. Now they can grab Basic for less than their lunch bill at the weekly networking meeting.

Audio Conferencing

Often, it’s necessary for startups to complete group calls with investors and clients.

The easier it is for entrepreneurs to set up multi-user calls, the more professional they’ll look. This can make a great first impression on the stakeholders and initial customers businesses will see in their early days.

Those first impressions build the foundation for future growth and influence locally and outside a business’s community.

500 Minutes

Growth doesn’t just occur in an entrepreneur’s home town.

A phone service for entrepreneurs that offers audio conferencing, but doesn’t allow those conferences to reach outside city limits, would be useless. The growth an individual creates through their conferences should extend throughout the country.

Our offering of 500 plan minutes in Basic lets entrepreneurs make contact with anyone in the contiguous U.S. Whether their setting up a business meeting or following up with customer service, they can reach parties anywhere they need.

And when entrepreneurs outpace their plan with more call time, they can always upgrade or see only a modest per-minute fee for additional minutes. Neither will break the bank, but both will let them continue to grow.

Voicemail in VirtualPBX Dash

Voicemail to Email

One of the most frustrating aspects of our digital world is that we have single applications for everything.

Email sits separate from phone, which is separate from web chat, invoicing software, website management, and databases. And you need all of them to run your business effectively.

We’ve done our part to connect email and voicemail. With Basic, you can have your voicemails automatically delivered to your inbox as soon as they arrive.

Receive notifications like you would normally, and play messages from within your browser. There’s no need to navigate the VirtualPBX dashboard. It’s one step toward a simpler, more efficient business life.

Grab Your Phone Service for Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur and need a cost-effective but powerful phone service, using Basic can let you separate your personal phone contacts from your business contacts. Basic can be used through the VirtualPBX Web Phone and any other device, including the VirtualPBX Softphone to run on your smartphone.

Give it a test run with a Free Demo, run by our experienced Sales Team, that will show you everything our phone plans offer.

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