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Switch to VoIP, Get Unlimited Calling on VirtualPBX Essentials

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Switch to VoIP, Get Unlimited Calling on VirtualPBX Essentials

Infinity symbol - Switch to VoIP and Get Unlimited Calling Businesses don’t want limitations placed on them. They want growth; unlimited reach. This is why, with our new VirtualPBX Essentials phone plan, businesses can switch to VoIP and get unlimited calling.

Essentials takes aim at small and midsize businesses with its plan features, including unlimited phone calls and digital faxing, alongside all other VirtualPBX standard features. It makes its mark, however, by being our most economical plan with unlimited calling within the continuous U.S.

Small outfits can turn to VoIP and unlimited calling to meet their sales goals in early growth stages. They can accept as many calls as necessary to provide ongoing customer support. All it requires is a simple switch to Essentials.

Sales With Unlimited Minutes

While entrepreneurs begin their days thinking about gathering a base of customers, small and midsize businesses want to retain their existing base and grow.

Local retail shops and distributed, remote workforces often take to cold calling and following up with leads lists to expand their bases of customers. They can only do this with a collection of calling minutes equal or greater to their inbound and outbound volume.

How’s unlimited sound for a matching of call volume?

The VirtualPBX Essentials plan offers both unlimited calling – as in unlimited minutes – and unlimited phone calls within that set of minutes.

A five-person boutique can handle customers calls throughout the day, in addition to serving walk-ins, without having to worry about exceeding a cap. Meanwhile, a remote team of 20 can do nothing but call, call, call to leads lists in order to ship more units of its product.

Unlimited calling makes this not only possible, but removes stress from the equation.

Customer Support With Unlimited Minutes

VirtualPBX Web PhoneSales often takes the form of outbound calling. This is especially true when businesses employ a cold calling campaign.

Customer support, however, is primarily an inbound effort where employees wait for customers to call them.

What would happen to the small businesses or midsize firms if their calling minutes ran out? It could be a disaster if, poof, the ability to make calls suddenly stopped. And it could create sticker shock at the end of the month if overage charges blanketed their phone bills.

Essentials VoIP offers unlimited minutes to handle inbound support just as well as it manages outbound dials. Business can accept calls from within the contiguous U.S. for all the users in their support staff. Whether it’s an over-worked team of one on a single desk phone or a polished set of 10 professionals on Web Phones, neither will incur overages or surprises just for doing their jobs.

Get Your Own Unlimited Calling

The new VirtualPBX Business Phone Plans have been designed to meet the needs of varying sizes of operations.

Here, considering Essentials, small and midsize businesses can take advantage of the cost savings VoIP and unlimited calling affords them. No more overage charges, and no more worrying about exceeding the calling limits of their plans.

If you haven’t yet taken a look at a hosted phone system or want to switch from your current provider, compare the VirtualPBX Phone Plans in your search. Get the minutes you need at a cost that works, and consider Essentials as a first step in the future of your sales and customer support goals.

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