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Follow Me Calling Call Forwarding with VirtualPBX

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Follow Me Calling Call Forwarding with VirtualPBX

Desk phone. Home phone. SIP phone. Personal cell phone. Company cell phone. In today’s world, we have a lot of options on how and where we take our calls — and when running a business, phone calls are money. If you can’t get the call, no matter where you are, you lose business, which means you lose money! Therefore, it was a BIG surprise to learn that one of the major players in the virtual phone system market no longer offers “Follow Me Calling” style call forwarding. Isn’t call forwarding through “Follow Me Calling” one of the main reasons people choose a virtual phone system?

Not only is “Follow Me Calling” extremely important to your business, it’s extremely easy to setup and manage with VirtualPBX. With “Follow Me Calling”, your virtual phone system will find you at whatever device you have selected. It’s like “telestalking”, but different. For example, you can configure your extension to try your desk phone for 20 seconds, then if no answer, try your cell phone for 20 seconds. This appears seamless to your callers. All they need to do is dial your extension — let VirtualPBX handle the rest. Don’t worry, we’ll find you.

With VirtualPBX, there are no complex “call rules”. Setting up “Follow Me Calling” is as easy as 1-2-3. Just login to your system and click on the Users tab to enable Follow-Me Calling for a user, selecting which devices to try.

That’s all there is to it. However, we don’t stop there — we also allow you to set the Ring Duration for each device, so you can control just how long your VirtualPBX will try each device.

So the lesson here is that not only is “Follow Me Calling” extremely important to your business, but with VirtualPBX its as easy as 1-2-3 to setup and manage. With VirtualPBX handling your calls properly, you get to spend more time on what matters — your business!

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