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Dash Business Phone System Interface

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VoIP Call Center

VoIP Call CenterA VoIP Call Center is the same as any contact center except it saves money by utilizing a VoIP phone system to route calls.

What constitutes a contact center, though, depends on the company that it represents. While call centers may conjure images of huge bays of cubicles being operated by dozens of agents, any company with inbound sales or support calls has a contact center in its organization. And because all business is important to the people calling about it, having efficient routing to connect customers as quickly as possible is essential, no matter how large or small the call volume is.

Connecting callers is best accomplished with either Call Queues or Hunt Groups. Both accomplish the task of streamlining the process of connecting customers to the right employees but each one employs different technology to do so. Their various differences notwithstanding, each method uses the most advanced cost-saving technologies available exclusively to business telephone systems hosted in the cloud.

Opening Your Own VoIP Call Center

No matter where in the spectrum of contact center sizes your business falls, the first step is the same; cutting the cord from the legacy telephone companies. By switching to VoIP your overhead on communications costs can drop by as much as 40% and even more when you begin designing systems that are capable of handling call center logistics. Because VoIP plans are all cloud-based, they can be managed and edited an infinite amount of times without incurring additional charges. An on-site PBX, however, requires a visit from the telephone company each time you add or remove lines, extensions, and other changes need to be made. Plus, Ring Groups are already included in every Dash Business Phone Plan as part of the core feature set, so just switching to Dash means you’re already to get started! If your call capacity dictate your needs to a more advanced system, though, you can elect to add ACD Queues when that time comes, as well.

All Dash Plans come with so much more than just Ring Groups already included, though. With 24 hour Award-Winning Customer Support and a complete 15-day money back satisfaction guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose by switching to VirtualPBX. So act now because the longer you wait to call, the more time you’ll be spending pouring money into slower, less effective call routing solutions from an on-site PBX.

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