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VoIP Call CenterA VoIP Call Center utilizes a VoIP phone system to route calls. A call center is a group of workers who handle a large volume of phone calls. In a VoIP call center, the calls usually are taken on VoIP phones that are part of a VoIP business phone system.

A typical VoIP call center may have just one job, such as sales or support. A call center can be staffed by a single department inside of a company or by an outsourced group.

Even small companies usually have at least one call center. A 10-person company, for example, might have 3 people involved in sales calls, or 2 people in support. These people need a phone system that can handle calls correctly, minimize wait time for callers, and improve company efficiency. Moreover, the requirement for efficiency goes even higher with larger companies.

An inbound VoIP call center takes calls from outside the company and distributes them to the workers in the department handling the calls. One of the most efficient ways to manage call routing is with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) queues. ACD Queues immediately route callers to available agents, reduce hold times for callers by knowing which agents are available. They also provide management oversight, reports, and real-time monitoring. Many VoIP call centers utilize a feature called “hunt groups” which ring all phones in a group until the call is answered. These aren’t smart enough to know which workers are available without trying their phones. ACD queues in a VoIP call center can also have multiple methods for call distribution. Some examples are load-balancing, overflow queues, or routing based on job description, hierarchy, or skill.

VirtualPBX VoIP Call Center

At VirtualPBX, we believe call centers need the best implementation of ACD queuing available. Even small groups of people will benefit from well-implemented ACD routing. Conversely, large VoIP call center may employ hundreds of people, and the need for ACD queuing will be even higher.

One advantage of a VoIP call center over the use of standard phone lines and PBX equipment is that workers don’t necessarily need to work in the same location. A call center with distributed employees is called a “distributed call center”. Today, a VoIP call center may have employees scattered all around the world, working from home or from branch offices. A traditional call center phone system using legacy phone switches wires every involved phone into one system. Conversely, a VoIP call center can enable the use of a VoIP from anywhere with a broadband internet connection.

VirtualPBX offers distributed and/or local call center phone system technology that can work with any combination of VoIP phones and analog phones, from any location. Advanced call routing features from VirtualPBX allow users to easily log in and out of queues. In addition, managers can view the performance of their employees in a queue, and the outcome of calls.

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