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Fall for Savings on Our Most Popular Plan: Save with October Pricing

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Fall for Savings on Our Most Popular Plan: Save with October Pricing

The leaves are falling and so are prices on our most popular plan!

Until the end of October, take advantage of 20% savings on our Advanced Unlimited Minutes Plan. But act fast, this deal on our customer favorite plan is over on November 1st 2021.

What Makes the Advanced Plan the Most Popular?

First, let’s start with the basics. Like all of our Unlimited Minutes Plans, the Advanced Plan includes unlimited local minutes to all 50 of the United States and Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico. It additionally includes 2,500 toll-free minutes and 10 local or toll-free numbers. With that volume, it would be safe to assume that this plan is geared towards mid-larger businesses, but since this plan is billed by the number of users, it’s a great way to deliver advanced features and a solid amount of call traffic at a price sized for any business.

Speaking of features, outside of our Custom Voice Solutions, the Advanced Plan is our most feature-rich plan. It includes customer favorites like Auto Attendant, Call Recording, Private Storage, a Webhooks Integration, and of course, SMS and Video Conferencing.

But what sets the Advanced Plan apart? Advanced Call Reports!

Advanced Call Reports delivers the most in depth reporting on call traffic, allowing business managers to find insights, evaluate department and individual performance, and to schedule critical data points to stakeholders. Most customers start with our over 40 report templates including Agent Reports, Service Level by Day, and Calls by Duration. But once our customers discover how easy it is to customize reports, they’re soon creating filters to break up data by incoming dialed phone number, drilling down on call transfers, and adding and subtracting columns to correlate important data points. But what’s the most advanced aspect of Advanced Call Reports? Customizable Wall Boards that show live data (like in the below video) and can even be displayed on screens in your workplace with our Amazon Fire Stick integration.

Get Advanced Call Reports on our Advanced Plan this Month – For 20% Off!

Discover more about your call traffic and take advantage of the feature-rich Advanced Plan with special October pricing. Head over to our October promotion landing page to get your 20% off discount. But don’t forget – this deal will disappear November 1st, 2021!

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