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5 Tips to Create a Stand Out Business Number

5 Tips to Create a Stand Out Business Number

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5 Tips to Create a Stand Out Business Number

5 Tips to Create a Stand Out Business NumberDoes your business telephone number catch the eyes or ears of customers? According to, toll-free vanity numbers on visual ads can experience an 84% higher recall rate over traditional numbers. However, vanity numbers are 9x more memorable when advertised over the radio.

Vanity numbers aren’t the only numbers that are easier for the brain to recollect. Desirable area codes, historic years, and patterns impact the recall rate of local and international numbers as well.

Want to learn how you can give your telephone number an edge the first time it’s seen or heard? Check out our 5 tips to create a stand out business number.

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5 Tips to Create a Stand Out Business Number

  1. Create an Association
    Telephone numbers that signal a commonality or a relation with the audience are far less forgettable than numbers that are completely randomized. For example, a sporting goods franchise could consider the number “2323” because of its ties to Michael Jordan. Numbers that end in a year, pattern, or a famous athlete’s jersey number create an association and are far more likely to be remembered.
  2. Explore Vanity Numbers
    Vanity telephone numbers are easy to remember, informational, and improve brand recognition. Selecting a vanity number is the perfect time to create an association between your product/service and your audience. Choose the vanity number that makes the most sense and is easy to recall. For example, 1-800-Flowers is a brilliant vanity number because it gives customers insight into the product, brand, and domain. Explore the largest selection of vanity numbers to find the perfect number.
  3. Strike Prefix Balance
    Similar to selecting the “com” website domain extension, the “1-800” prefix is the most widely recognized toll-free number prefix. Other popular prefixes include 888, 877, 866, and 855. If your desired 1-800 vanity toll-free number is taken, consider how memorable “1-855-LAWYERS” is compared to “1-800-4368-5192”. Above all, striking a balance between association or vanity is more important than the prefix itself.
  4. Share DID Numbers
    In figurative terms, DID numbers can be compared to handing out the key to the city. In medieval times, having the key to the city meant you were free to come and go without approval from the guards. DID numbers are virtual numbers that give direct access to individual employees without having to go through the telephone tree. Neat right? Therefore, DID Numbers are more likely to be saved to your customer’s contact list because of their desirable nature.
  5. Vocalize your Number
    Ever had to repeat a voice message multiple times to catch the callback number? When broadcasting your telephone number it’s important to pronounce the number slowly and repeat the number more than once. In addition, a clever jingle like the 1-800-General commercials can be an effective way to introduce your number to the customers working memory. By effectively vocalizing your number, your audience can subconsciously remember your number without realizing it.

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In conclusion, telephone numbers are one of the key ingredients to building a sustainable business. VirtualPBX offers the largest selection of local, toll-free, and international telephone numbers to choose from. We’ll even help you find the perfect business phone plan to compliment your new telephone number. What do you have to lose? Transform your communications today.

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