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VoIP Call Quality Is What You Make It

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VoIP Call Quality Is What You Make It

Lattice of planks - VoIP call quality is what you make itVoIP call quality – one of the highest priorities we have at VirtualPBX – has seen its share of skepticism.

People wonder how their calls can be clear when their web traffic speeds fluctuate. Since VoIP uses the internet to complete calls, they assume their calls will also see peaks and valleys.

The truth is, the call quality of a VirtualPBX Business Phone System can match landline clarity and consistency. You just need to mold it properly. And we can help.

Choosing the Right Provider

As we’ve noted before in this blog, not all service providers are equal. They differ in the options they present (like allotted calling minutes and feature sets). Of course, they also differ in price.

Where it matters when you talk about VoIP call quality, however, is that they differ in the manner of which phone system setup takes place.

Consider that VirtualPBX offers personalized onboarding for every customer that signs up for our Business Phone System.

Our Sales team also makes sure your business gets the correct plan level for your needs and has the infrastructure to keep your call quality clear.

Harden Your Infrastructure

VoIP phone services use the internet to facilitate call transmission. Therefore, you need to have a strong infrastructure base to handle the calls you want to make.

When speaking with our Sales team, we will help determine how much bandwidth your current internet offers. Then we might suggest a Network Health Check or Network Monitoring to see if your desired call volume will work within that bandwidth amount. Or we can help you find a new internet service provider to assure increased bandwidth and improved network reliability.

You can see a quick overview of bandwidth requirements on our VoIP Speed Test page. If your bandwidth doesn’t support the number of concurrent calls you need to make, we can work with you to improve your infrastructure.

Create Your Own VoIP Call Quality

Depending on the service provider you choose and the bandwidth your internet connection affords, your VoIP call quality can vary.

We make it a point to provide the best service in the communications industry. We make sure your business can handle your desired call volume and, when we’re satisfied your system can support VoIP, we overlay a wide range of features and 24/7 customer service in your phone plan.

Our effort begins before you even purchase a business phone plan, whether you’re an entrepreneur or enterprise.

You don’t even have to take our word for it. Start a 14-Day Free Trial in the month of July and save $2-5 on every user, every month, for the life of your plan.

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