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VoIP Phone Service Benefits for Small Businesses

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VoIP Phone Service Benefits for Small Businesses

VoIP phone serviceIf you’re running a small business, adopting a VoIP phone service could save you money and improve the consistency of your brand image.

Unlike traditional phone lines that run directly to your storefront or mobile service that only works on your smartphones, you can run a Voice Over IP (VoIP) systems on all the devices your company uses. Options like our Dash Business Phone Plans give you a flexibility and reliability not found on other communications platforms.

For further consideration, here’s a quick breakdown of three primary benefits you can gain from a VoIP phone service.

Cost Savings

Small businesses often run on a shoestring budget. Like others, you may be running extremely lean just to make ends meet. You don’t need your phone system stressing your budget even further.

A VoIP phone service can be an affordable alternative to traditional phone lines because it packs so many features into a single base price.

Starting at $12.99 a month, Dash offers professional features like Conferencing and Call Recording, Voicemail, Auto Attendant, and Follow Me Calling. With all the Dash Features in mind, compare that low price against what you pay for your office phone and cell phone each month, and we’re sure you’ll come out ahead.

Multiple Devices

Speaking of your office phone and cell phone: Do you have multiple numbers associated with your office and personal smartphone? Are your customers unsure about which number to use when they need to reach you?

You can clear the confusion by running a VoIP service on all your devices at once. For the same low cost, you can run the VirtualPBX Web Phone on your work desktop, use dedicated VoIP phones in the front lobby and back office, and take calls in the VirtualPBX Softphone mobile app on your personal phone – all from the same number.

Your customers will be pleased to have only one phone number associated with your business. The consistency you provide them with something as simple as contact information will make you look more professional in all respects.

Overall Brand Consistency

Beyond your public-facing phone number, a VoIP phone service can improve your overall brand consistency in the way it interacts with customers. The professional options you receive in Dash afford you a lot of flexibility.

Follow Me Calling: When someone calls your office at midday, it can route your call to the front desk, and your receptionist (even if that’s you, CEO!) will pick up. Or it can ring first to your smartphone or office desktop – it’s your choice. You can even chain your front desk, desktop, and smartphone to ring in that order.

Office Hours: You pick the time of day when your office is open, so why shouldn’t your VoIP phone service know about it? It can use your office hours to determine where to route calls and which options your Auto Attendant offers to callers.

Auto Attendant: Before the customer reaches you, a nice greeting in your phone system can lead them to your personal phone extension or to the front office. You determine what the greeting says and what options the system presents. You can even take advantage of professional recordings for personalized messages and hold music.

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