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I’ve Got Your Telephone Number. Call Me, Maybe?

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I’ve Got Your Telephone Number. Call Me, Maybe?

telephone number call me maybeThe telephone number has long been the first and most trust point of contact for any business. Though there is a multitude of other communications methods out there now, the importance of having a business telephone number hasn’t faltered one bit. Online portals allow one-click-to-call interfaces directly from a web browser that makes having a conversation with customers faster and easier than ever. Additionally, studies have long proven that the simple act of placing a phone call indicates a much higher likelihood of a prospect making a purchase. Plus, the odds of that customer purchasing from the first company they speak with are staggering, as well. All of the evidence that supports the need for a business to have an immediate voice connection with their market makes having the right business telephone number almost as simple and simply having one. But for many newer companies that are accustomed to cutting-the-cable and employing modern, cloud-based communications and collaboration methods, enrolling with an antiquated telephone company’s usurious service contract doesn’t sound very attractive at all. We agree. That’s why we maintain hundreds of thousands of business telephone numbers as part of our total business communications services product array.

How to Get The Right Business Telephone Number

The need for your business to have a telephone number should be pretty clear, but the path on how to go about obtaining one may not be as apparent. Fortunately, thanks to the infinite amount of flexibility and routing options that are inherent in modern, cloud-based business telephone systems, adding, removing, and managing telephone numbers is easy. With a VoIP business phone system like Dash, for example, you can select from any of the following telephone number options below:

  • Local Telephone Numbers Being a successful business is more than just being good at operations and having a compelling product, it’s also about being a good neighbor. There’s no better way for a “local” business to get rejected than to have an out-of-state telephone number. Counter that but searching for a new telephone number by Area Code from our bank of numbers.
  • Toll-Free Numbers For companies that have grown outside of their immediate surrounds, have a healthy e-commerce business, or that are just looking to offer an easy way for their customers to reach them, nothing works better than a toll-free business telephone number. And when it comes to toll-free, nothing conjures the image of stability and familiarity than a true 1-800 number. Did I mention we have plenty of those on hand for you, too? Go ahead and start searching for your new 800 number now!
  • Vanity Phone Numbers For that added element of recognition and to inject some brand awareness or personality into your business telephone number, why don’t you explore your options with a vanity number? A vanity number is the same as any other business phone number, but because we have so many of them to choose from, you can let your creativity run wild in finding the best seven letter combination for your business.

You Don’t Even Need VoIP to Get a New Number

Because we’ve been pioneering advances in the hosted communications industry for over 20 years, we’ve picked up a few techniques that are pretty handy. Want all the instances of telephone number to be linked to a certain ad campaign to track ROI? We can do that. Need to know that the location of calls and office branches are being coordinated from the very moment the number is dialed? Yep, we can do that, too. We can also route calls to and from subsidiaries and port numbers in and out of your existing telephone service to a different provider, too. Plus, because all of our telephone services are hosted in the cloud, we can accomplish all of that more quickly and with far less expense than you’ll ever be able to say with your old, copper-wired telephone company. In fact, you don’t even need to have an existing telephone number to get started. By signing up for Dash, you’ll be guided through the clear, intuitive process of choosing your telephone number directly from our bank of hundreds of thousands of numbers from over 140 countries and be up and running in about 5 minutes. So what are you waiting for? We’re open 24 hours a day, and here’s our number, so call us, maybe?

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