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Local Phone NumbersIf you are looking for a free local phone number, you’ve found the right place! VirtualPBX offers local numbers in over 4,000 different cities in the United States. You can find information about other types of numbers at these locations: 1 800 numbers, and international numbers. Whatever you choose, VirtualPBX will enable you to answer your incoming calls with a custom, professional greeting and allow callers to connect with anyone in your company, in any location. All VirtualPBX plans include at least one free local phone number.

Local Number, Local Presence

Many companies have clientele that prefer to deal with businesses in their own locale. Publishing a toll free number can make the firm seem too big or too impersonal. Using a local phone number as your primary business number says you are part of the local community. With VirtualPBX, you can even have local numbers in several different locations, giving your firm a local presence.

Porting Your Existing Local Number

If you already have a local phone number for your business, we can usually port (transfer) it so that it rings directly into our service. Once it ports, it won’t be just a plain phone number, but a full-featured VirtualPBX number with all the advantages of our system. If you port your main business number it will ring directly to us, so your business may need to get a different number to receive calls we forward to you. While we’re waiting for your local number to port (in some instances this can take a few weeks to complete), we’ll issue you a temporary number so you can configure and test your new VirtualPBX service and be ready to improve your image and your business. If you have any questions about porting, just give our sales team a call

DIDs – Personal Numbers for Any Extension

Every employee in your company can be reached by dialing your primary phone number and entering the appropriate extension number. Some employees, however, may want a local phone number that reaches them directly, without going through the auto-attendant greeting. Using Direct-Inward-Dial (DID) technology, VirtualPBX allows every person in the company to have a personal phone number that comes directly to their phone. Calls coming through a DID number still have all the advantages of VirtualPBX, such as follow-me calling, transfers anywhere in the company, voicemail, and more. In addition, your clients can easily send faxes directly to your personal number and extension, rather than into a corporate fax location. And having personal local numbers is inexpensive, at just $5 per month for Office customers.

Calls from International Locations

Callers from most countries outside of the United States cannot call US toll free numbers, but all of them can call local numbers here. If you have international business, providing a local phone number for your company is a great choice. Or you can get one of our international numbers if you receive a lot of international business.

Get Started

We currently offer local numbers in most major metropolitan areas and are adding new areas all the time. With VirtualPBX, you can have local numbers in more than one location, giving you a local presence in multiple geographies and all plans include up to two local phone numbers. If you would like to know more about phone numbers available in your area, please contact us. If you aren’t yet a VirtualPBX customer, compare our plans to get started.

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