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Advantages of Telecommuting: 5 Great Reasons to Work From Home

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Advantages of Telecommuting: 5 Great Reasons to Work From Home

Advantages of TelecommutingWhile working from home isn’t feasible for every person or every type of job, there are many advantages of telecommuting that can benefit both employers and employees.

Many of the barriers that have limited telecommuting in the past are waning, including access to reliable, affordable VoIP phone services like our Business Phone Plans.

Beyond our plans that offer features like our free Web Phone, Audio Conferencing, and new Video Calling features, there are many general advantages of telecommuting that, no matter the size of your business, are sure to make work-from-home situations more attractive.

Advantages of Telecommuting

  • Increased Productivity
    A study by Nicholas Bloom, a Stanford Graduate School of Business professor, found that working from home boosted employees’ performance by 13 percent. The study noted that work-from-home employees were less likely to be delayed from traffic or conversation with coworkers and that they were able to concentrate better. Bloom called office spaces “super-distracting.”
  • Increased Job Satisfaction
    The same study from Bloom also found “substantially higher work satisfaction” in employees who worked from home. Increased job satisfaction can lead to more productive, happier employees that want to stay with your company and want to see success in their positions.
  • Reduced Costs
    Businesses can cut office costs with few to no employees present in the office ranging from furniture to electricity used, while employees save money used on gas to get to and from the office.
  • Improved Life-Work Balance
    Researchers Jeffrey Greenhaus from Drexel University and Gary Powell from Lancaster University have noted that focusing on work-life effectiveness can improve a person’s psychological and physical well being. They say a person’s work and personal lives should be allies, and that a person can be a partner, friend, and employee all at once. Remote workers may more easily find the blend that makes them happiest because they get more satisfaction from their work.
  • Decreased Pollution for the Environment
    A Dell study found that, across 1,300 employees who worked from home an average of 9.5 times a month, the average worker reduced their CO2e footprint by more than one metric ton per year.

Consider Work-From-Home as an Option

It’s important for businesses to take a look at the advantages of telecommuting, whether it’s one day per week or five days per week. Alongside online file editing and communications platforms, tools like the VirtualPBX Softphone VirtualPBX Softphone make this possible for startups and large businesses anywhere in the world. It’s up to you to take advantage of them.

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