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A Virtual Number Ties You to Your Customers

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A Virtual Number Ties You to Your Customers

A virtual number gives you a direct line to customersSecuring a virtual number, or many such numbers, can give your customers a direct line to individuals at your business.

It isn’t always desirable to route customer calls through an automated attendant. By attaching a virtual number – also known as a Direct Inward Dial (DID) line – to that phone, you can let customers ring your personal phone directly.

The VirtualPBX business phone system supports virtual numbers so you can use your main business number, individual phone extensions, and DIDs together for a more flexible way to keep in touch with your callers.

How Might You Use a Virtual Number?

There are many use cases for direct numbers that reach individuals at your company. As just two examples, consider the impact of DIDs on your C-suite executives and your on-the-go sales persons.

  1. The Top Brass

    Your CEO, COO, CFO, and all other executives hold a unique place in your organization. They make decisions that affect all other employees at the company, and often they speak with high-level parties such as investors and stock holders. Therefore, those business supporters need a direct line to the top brass.

    It wouldn’t present a good image to have an investor call your business – only to have them sit through a phone queue. It’s much more professional for each executive to have their own virtual number that can ring their desk or mobile phones.

    Everyone in this situation benefits from the addition of virtual numbers. Executives get the direct lines they need to effectively reach the most dedicated company supporters, and those supporters have a solid connection to the organizational leaders with whom they most need to connect.

  2. Sales Persons

    Deeper in the company trenches, sales persons create meaningful relationships with the individuals who buy your products and services.

    They often benefit from callers who make it through your main business line’s automated attendant. However, in some cases, they want customers to reach them directly, both during and outside of office hours.

    A virtual number in the hands of a sales person, especially one who works during their commute or is often on the go, can work wonders here. Like the CEO, the sales person can prioritize customer needs and use a direct line as an easy, effective way to connect with important customers.

    Perhaps such customers need a speedy price quote or access to the sales person’s location. A quick call to the virtual number does the trick.

Power at Your Fingertips

Only you can best decide how to use direct lines. Your enterprise may have a large need for virtual numbers for the dozens of top executives at multiple branches. Or your startup might constantly be mobile and use DIDs as a matter of convenience.

In any case, your customers will benefit from proper choices regarding this matter. We’re here to help you set up your main line, forwarding options, any virtual number you choose, and all the other phone system features available through VirtualPBX. You can use as many DIDs as you need and rely on your automated attendant and personal extensions for all other use cases.

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