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Tools for Team Leads in Our Contact Center Software


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Tools for Team Leads in Our Contact Center Software

VirtualPBX ACD Queues Pro Contact Center SoftwareOur ACD Queues Pro feature turns our Business Phone Plans into a complete contact center software management platform.

Team leads and contact center managers can rely on live performance reports, easy call assistance capabilities like eavesdrop, whisper, and barge, and intuitive queue creation and editing within the ACD Queues Pro dashboard.

These are tools no contact center administrator would want to be without, and they deserve more attention to give you a better idea of how they can improve the performance of your business.

Live Performance Reports

Perhaps the most essential and most powerful tool team leads can utilize is the Performance Report.

ACD Queues Pro generates live performance reports for each agent in every queue in your system. As an example, you might have one queue each for two different products addressed by your Customer Service staff. Your Performance Reports will have access to them both.

Live Performance Reports - VirtualPBX ACD Queues Pro

What’s more impressive is that you can filter each queue by agent and duration, so for instance, you can see how a senior agent has performed in both Customer Service queues today or how they have performed in consecutive days. You can also view the same queue but filter by different agents to compare the performance of a senior agent with a trainee.

You’ll see stats including when agents are Marked as Away and Marked as Ready, In a Call, and in Recovery Time to get a complete picture of their status throughout the workday.

Eavesdrop, Whisper, and Barge

The health of a queue depends on the teamwork of its agents. Team leads and contact center managers can do their part to maintain queue health by employing the powerful contact center software features of Eavesdrop, Whisper, and Barge.

Eavesdrop allows administrators to listen to live calls in any queue without disturbing the conversation between agent and customer. Whisper extends that function by allowing admins to speak to the agent without the customer hearing their side-conversation. Barge completes that progression by creating a three-way call between admin, agent, and customer where all parties can hear and speak to each other.

Eavesdrop - VirtualPBX ACD Queues Pro

Team leads can use this functionality to pay attention to a trainee’s first calls on the job, possibly stepping into these calls to make sure the customer has everything they need. Moreover, team leads could even assist a senior agent with a particularly complex call. In either case, instructions could be whispered to the agent or a three-way call could be created without ever having to place the customer on hold.

Queue Creation and Editing

ACD Queues Pro Hold Treatment - VirtualPBXOne distinct difference between our original ACD Queues feature and our new ACD Queues Pro feature is the latter’s ability to save queue configuration files.

Queue creation in ACD Queues Pro follows a multi-step process of initializing the queue with its name and adding agents, setting the Routing Strategy, building Hold Treatments, and establishing agent behavior settings like Timeout and Recovery Time. This is all captured within a final confirmation screen that lets admins review and confirm their choices – downloading those settings to CSV or PDF files as they see fit.

For team leads and managers that need to create multiple queues, the review screen will help them make sure that initial builds of queues are set up correctly. Future queue creation can then benefit from past queues’ settings downloads, which can offer guidelines for modeling a new queue after a successful existing queue.

Take Advantage of These Contact Center Software Features

Overall, what our ACD Queues Pro contact center software feature provides is a balance between ease of use and power. Team leads have a lot of capabilities at their fingertips, and each one of the capabilities discussed above is no more than a click away.

Queues are easy to configure. Conversations are simple to monitor and assist. Queue performance can be monitored at any time.

You can see all these features and more in a Free Demo with our Sales team. We’ll discuss your needs as a business and show you all the features you will gain as a VirtualPBX customer, including how ACD Queues Pro fits with your volume and frequency of calls.

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