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Our VirtualPBX Zapier Integration is Now Public

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Our VirtualPBX Zapier Integration is Now Public

VirtualPBX Zapier Integration ScreenshotThe VirtualPBX Zapier Integration – our app inside the Zapier task automation website – is now available for public use.

This means that any business with a Zapier account can connect web services to their VirtualPBX Business Phone Plan. They can build automations from scratch or start with one of our templates. It’s all part of our continuing effort to make phone system use as streamlined as possible.

Begin With Templates

VirtualPBX customers can get started with the templates we’ve provided in our Zapier feature page.

Templates are here for both inspiration and convenience. Don’t know where to get started? Browse our list of available templates to see which steps others are taking with their phone data.

You can browse our list of templates here:

Customize With In-Depth Instruction

Our Zapier feature page also provides multiple tutorials about how to customize your zaps – whether you start with a template or start building your zaps from scratch.

You can learn how to keep a running count of weekly calls through Gmail reports, or learn how to use conditional logic when creating Trello cards for multiple teams.

Our Thoughts on the VirtualPBX Zapier Integration

VirtualPBX COO Lon Baker is the driving force behind our Zapier Integration. He’s worked hand-in-hand with Zapier to build our app and get it ready for public release. He’s the most qualified person at the company to speak about our app and our company’s Zapier use.

“VirtualPBX uses the Zapier platform every day to link its web apps,” he said. “It connects us more deeply to our phone system and the processes that work throughout our business. Our departments rely on these connections to provide excellent customer service and effective sales.

“We’re proud to see our own Zapier Integration be released to the public. Now all our customers can capture phone system events quickly and reliably, integrating their own phone system data with hundreds of other available apps.

“Our customers don’t see all the automation that happens behind the scenes, but there’s certainly a lot that takes place the instant that a customer calls our business. It’s those invisible, streamlined effects that make our customer interactions a step above. That’s what we hope to help our customers provide for their own clients.”

All our Business Phone Plans are built to work with Zapier. You can get started with us today and create a free Zapier account just as quickly.

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