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The All-New and Totally Free Web Phone from VirtualPBX

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The All-New and Totally Free Web Phone from VirtualPBX

Consumers are fleeing the costs of traditional cable television access in droves, and that trend has begun playing out in the business world, too. We’re tickled about that, frankly, as VoIP plans like the award-winning Dash Service represent a similar departure from the costly and cumbersome legacy business telephone systems of yore. And why wouldn’t they? Nothing is more scalable, affordable, or versatile in the world of telephony than a cloud-based telephone platform. And today with the introduction of our brand-new, proprietary, and totally free Web Phone, the switch to a cordless business operation is easier and more affordable than ever.

free web phone from virtualpbx

Using the Free Web Phone from VirtualPBX

Unlike softphones or other digital VoIP device facsimiles, the free Web Phone from VirtualPBX is based on open-sourced WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) technology, so it operates on code that is totally native to popular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. This also means that, just like those web browsers themselves, the VirtualPBX Web Phone is free, has zero licensing fees, and never requires downloads or maintenance on the part of the end user. The VirtualPBX Web Phone is no different than any other VoIP device in that it has all of the same advanced features that are expected from a modern cloud-based telephony product. Also, pooled minutes from an account will be drawn from no differently by using the Web Phone than they would with anything else.

Add a Free Web Phone To Dash

The process of adding a VirtualPBX Web Phone to a Dash Service Plan is just as simple as well. It can be added to a list of devices and selected for any user in just a matter of clicks. This means that whenever a business decides to switch to VoIP, it can literally be up and running and on the (web) phone within minutes. And because the VirtualPBX Web Phone is backed by the complete assurance that comes with 365 days a year of 24/7 access to the most awarded Customer Support Team in the industry, you’ll know that even the slightest challenges can be solved with a quick phone call. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to upgrade your VoIP experience and start using the free Web Phone today!

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