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3 Reasons to use Texting for Work on VirtualPBX Mobile for Business

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3 Reasons to use Texting for Work on VirtualPBX Mobile for Business

texting for workIf you don’t know by now, you should probably read more of our blogs, but we’ve recently launched our first 4G LTG nationwide Mobile for Business feature, and it’s awesome. Not only can you use the latest phones with all of their bells and whistles for your business line, but unlike simply having a mobile carrier handle your business accounts, this is all metered, billed, and managed from your VirtualPBX business telephone service plan. That means that you won’t ever have to worry about expense reports clogging up your accounting department again, plus it means that the full host of advanced features that you expect from your VoIP business phone are also all available and compatible on your business mobile phones, too. But there’s one more aspect of Mobile for Business that’s worth noting, and that’s the ability to leverage traditional mobile features as part of your overall business communications strategy. That’s why we wanted to review some of our own favorite reasons to use texting for work on VirtualPBX Mobile for Business.

Texting for Work on VirtualPBX Mobile for Business

Before we begin with our top situations where texting for work is so great, we want to acknowledge the obvious elephant in the room of, of course, there are about a million different reasons to use texting. But to distill that reality down into a handful of relatable use cases, we’re sticking with just three today. You can feel free to tell us which ones we should have included on Facebook and Twitter, though, so keep them in mind and we can possibly add them to another list down the way. But without further ado, here are the best times to use texting for business.

  1. Appointment Information Texting updates to existing events is a valuable way to quickly disseminate vital information. Airlines can let travelers know about a gate change for connections, and as a business owner, you can send text messages to attendees of a meeting about room changes just as easily. Also, just simple reminders to clients about their appointments with you is a personable and effective way to stay engaged and front of mind, as well. The point is that never missing an appointment is just good business, and staying on top of that is easy with texting for business with VirtualPBX.
  2. Micro Conversations Just like we use texting in our personal lives to augment the communications between people, Mobile for Business can accomplish the same with texting for business. Whenever you need to send a quick update on a project or client or just offer a quick insight on any topic when a phone call may be too much, a quick text is the best way to go. This is because, unlike email, people tend to have a shorter response time to texting than email so these micro convos are ideally had over texting when they can also happen in a timely fashion.
  3. Under the RADAR Okay, this one can initially sound a little unscrupulous at first, but it doesn’t have to be done in a deceitful way. But, having the ability to quickly and discretely send a colleague a small note without interrupting a presentation or client meeting is actually invaluable. If there is new information that arises in a meeting that you have insight on but didn’t get to cover beforehand, if there is a discrepancy that needs to be noted or anything else that would be an inappropriate interruption to discuss but that still warrants a mention to your team is a candidate for using texting for business when you need to stay under the RADAR.

Getting Started Texting for Work on Dash

Even though Mobile for Business is one of the latest and most anticipated business telephone features we’ve rolled out in a while, it’s just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. If you’re interested in texting for business, you should check out our texting etiquette guide. All Dash Business Phone Plans include a cadre of advanced features and functions that far exceed whatever you’d be able to get from an on-site telephone option and they all come included with every plan from Basic to Unlimited. So what are you doing still having multiple telephone providers for your single business? It’s time you consolidated and saved at the same time all while boosting the performance of your business telephone with VirtualPBX, texting for business, and the unlimited flexibility and power of business VoIP!

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