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Convenient Business Texting Solutions For Taxis

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Convenient Business Texting Solutions For Taxis

It’s no secret that ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft have taken over vehicle transportation services. Since 2014, the value of taxi medallions has dropped by a staggering 80%. With low fares, mobile apps, and increased convenience of these ride-sharing services, it’s no wonder that taxi businesses have had a hard time keeping up. 

While competing with these companies may seem like a significant feat, a text messaging service could be the solution you are looking for to make your business better. Partnering with an experienced text messaging software provider, like VirtualPBX, can help you deliver a better experience and more convenience to your customers.

Texting is The Preferred Method of Communication

Businesses, such as taxi service providers, are finding more and more uses for business text messaging solutions because it is the preferred method of communication. In fact, it is predicted that 3.5 trillion business SMS messages will be sent in 2023. That’s a 2.5 trillion increase from 2019! By using VirtualPBX’s easy-to-use platform, customers can save money, improve customer service, speed up response times, increase sales, and communicate more effectively.

texting for work

Why Taxi Services Should Consider Texting:

  • 80% of the total North American population use text messaging. That’s a whopping 292 million people!
  • Researchers predict that 6 billion people around the world will send and receive text messages by 2025
  • SMS open rates are as high as 98%
  • 92% of U.S. adults carry text-enabled phones, 98% of smartphone users use text on a regular basis, but only 14% of companies text with consumers
Business texting For Taxis

Here Are Some Good Use Cases:

  • Send a “Confirmation Booking” SMS
  • Text the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Let customers know when you arrive at the designated location, including license information, etc. 
  • Text a confirmation receipt of payment
  • Request feedback with a text survey

The reality is that clients’ expectations for communication have changed. Your future clients desire the convenience, ease, and engagement of texting. If you want to learn more about the VirtualText App, don’t hesitate to contact our texting experts at VirtualPBX. We’d be happy to show you how you can grow your taxi business using SMS messages.

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