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Using Real Estate SMS Messages

real estate sms messaging

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Using Real Estate SMS Messages

real estate sms messagingConnecting with prospects and clients via text messaging is one of the most significant opportunities in real estate. Studies show that 62% of people desire to communicate with realtors via text, while only 18% of realtors utilize SMS marketing.

Real estate SMS messages are a requirement for aspiring top-performing realtors that want to build a competitive edge over the competition. Today’s blog will show you how to use texting to your advantage in the real estate industry.

Real Estate Texting Opportunities

Real estate SMS messages from your main business number

Unless you want to give up the privacy of your private line, texting from your Main Business Number is a smart choice. With the VirtualText App, you’ll be able to distinguish business activities from your personal life without carrying two phones in your pocket. Furthermore, Multi-User Texting allows coordinators or assistants to communicate from the business number from the convenience of the mobile app or web browser.

Send automated text appointment reminders

As a busy realtor, staying on top of all your showings, signings, and meetings is no easy task. VirtualText App Appointment Reminders alleviate the burden of no-shows and improve communication with your clients. Plus, making a great first impression will help you close more deals at listing appointments.

Utilize canned auto-responses for better service

Managing clients and work-life balance is a juggling act that can sometimes lead to lost business opportunities. Canned Auto-Responses is a perfect solution for when you’re busy but still want to offer potential clients white-glove service. Canned Auto Responses allow you to create custom SMS or MMS responses to frequently asked questions because your time management is equally as important as your customer service.

The reality is that clients’ expectations for communication have changed. Your future clients desire the convenience, ease, and engagement of texting. If you want to learn more about VirtualText App, don’t hesitate to contact our texting experts at VirtualPBX. We’d be happy to show you how you can grow your business using real estate SMS messages.

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