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Have Call Center Metrics Match Your Schedule

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Have Call Center Metrics Match Your Schedule

Business Report - Have Call Center Metrics Match Your ScheduleOne of the more understated features of our Advanced Call Reports software is its ability to deliver call center metrics to your email inbox.

Within Advanced Call Reports, you can create as many reports as you need in order to analyze your KPIs associated with inbound and outbound calls. How you then retrieve those reports is up to you – either on-demand through your dashboard or through your email.

The benefit of automatic delivery to your inbox is that can be faster than on-demand pickup and it can keep you on schedule throughout the busy workday. Let’s explore those ideas a little.

Consolidation of Activities

You probably check your email every morning and spend at least 10 minutes sifting through new messages. As a call center manager or team leader, your email keeps you connected with company departments and with the broader world of business through subscriptions to various services.

What if your call center metrics could become one of those services?

VirtualPBX Advanced Call Reports SchedulerIt’s easy to make that a reality. Creating a schedule within Advanced Call Reports requires only that you create a report and know when you need to see it. It’s as simple as selecting the Create Schedule button, choosing the Report you want to see, and marking its recurrence (daily, weekly, monthly…) and time of day when you want it delivered.

Emails with call center metrics then arrive when you need them. Taking a few minutes here saves you the need to sign in to Advanced Call Reports on your daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It consolidates the locations you need to visit to gain the same information, which is an excellent advantage to anyone with a large to-do list.

Keeping You on Time

The automatic delivery of call center metrics like Calls by Ring Time or ACD Queues Pro Agent Status also offers a secondary benefit: it keeps you on schedule.

Most of us, from time to time, slip up and forget about that weekly meeting or quarterly analytics overview. When that happens, it’s often a quick scramble to attend the meeting or cobble a report together. What if you could save yourself from yourself?

Properly spaced report deliveries can remind you about your appointments by association. Your Monday-morning email of “Sales Dept. Weekly” can immediately prep you for the morning meeting with that department. A “Company Metrics” report delivered a week before your quarterly presentation will keep your managers’ meeting in the forefront of your mind.

You will be reminded of upcoming events and shown the necessary business metrics you need to make each meeting a success.

Keep Your Call Center Metrics in Order

Our Advanced and Enterprise Phone Plans give you access to Advanced Call Reports among a host of other included features like ACD Queues Pro, Call Recording, and External Storage to Amazon AWS.

We’re available 24/7 to discuss how VirtualPBX Phone Plans can meet your needs and to show you how Advanced Call Reports fits into your business. Start a discussion today to see how we can keep your call center metrics organized and fit alongside your busy schedule.

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