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VirtualPBX Video Conferencing Beta

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VirtualPBX Video Conferencing Beta

The Yealink T58 Can be Used In Our Video Conferencing Beta TestVirtualPBX is reaching beyond voice-only capability with its first Video Conferencing beta test.

This beta test allows our participating VirtualPBX Phone Plan customers to conduct 1:1 video chats on a range of devices. Customers will be able to use their existing phone numbers, so there’s no additional setup required for anyone to get started.

Feedback during this process will be essential for building out the capability of our video service. We intend to support all video-capable devices that would normally work with our Phone Plans – including our own VirtualPBX Web Phone that’s offered to all customers regardless of plan type. Video capability will also expand to allow group conferences so entire teams can join multimedia meetings.

Supported Devices in Beta

Our initial device support during this Video Conferencing beta test includes these desk phones and software-based phones:

Coming soon, we will also add video capability to our Web Phone. This will allow customers to hold video-based conversations on their laptops or smartphones through the Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

Our team is currently testing a number of other desk phones and software applications for video capability. As they are approved, devices will be cleared for use during the beta test.

Stay Tuned for Group Chat

Initial video conversations for our Video Conferencing beta test will be between only two participants. All VirtualPBX Phone Plan numbers are capable of completing video calls, so when the system is ready for group chat, participants will be able to complete larger calls in the same manner as 1:1 calls.

Group chat will arrive soon as we continue to test and refine our video feature. We will rely on customer feedback during this process to judge the quality of video transmissions as we transition from 1:1 to 1:many. Eventually, entire departments will be able to speak to one another between a range of different devices.

Start 1:1 Video Today

Interested participants can learn more and sign up for our Video Conferencing beta test at this link. Both existing customers and new customers are eligible to join.

If you don’t yet use a VirtualPBX Phone Plan, we’d be happy to speak to you about which plan best fits your business. Talk to us today about getting started, and mention Video Conferencing if it’s a feature you’re excited to use at your business.

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