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Softphone App

VirtualPBX Softphone App For Business Communications

I suppose you could use your mobile phone as the head of a makeshift axe, but it’s probably better at making phone calls. So if you happen to find yourself away from the office and you haven’t yet crafted a zombie-brain-bashing-billy-club out of your smartphone just yet, you need to consider using it as an extension of your work phone with the VirtualPBX Softphone App and reconnect with your survivor camp.

The Softphone App will let you receive inbound calls to your desk phone at work and mask your mobile device’s number for outgoing calls all through the free, award-winning mobile app. Masking is good, too, because the only thing better than wielding a crackberry hatchet is getting so well hidden that you’re safe enough to, you know, actually use the phone. Find out more about the Softphone App now.

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