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Please Don’t Follow Me Calling

Follow Me Calling

Way to keep moving, survivor! So by now you may have realized that this isn’t your typical survivalist website. Or is it?

We need to consider every aspect of our lives when contemplating the Zombie Apocalypse, and our workplace is no exception. VirtualPBX lets businesspeople prescribe a call-forwarding sequence that includes work, home, mobile, or even payphones!

Being able to keep moving while staying connected to your safehouse and crow’s nest spotter will give you the edge you need to safely navigate through any zombie-filled gauntlet. Being able to stay connected to your business network while moving freely though business trips, family holidays, and working from home will give your employees the edge over your competition.

In business, like in zombies, stay moving, stay alive. Learn how with Follow Me Calling.

Less concerned with keeping your business afloat through any disaster than you are about keeping yourself one step ahead of the zombie hordes? Well while we can’t blame you for looking out for number one, we would recommend you head over to our blog to learn more about the latest news in zombie survival.

Softphone App
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PBX Parachute Emergency Hotline