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Dash Business Phone System Interface

Porting Telephone Numbers

Don't Lose the Phone Number You Currently Have

Porting telephone numbers is the process by which an entity can transfer its existing telephone number to different telephone service providers.

A Great Solution for Existing Phone Numbers

Porting View in Dash InterfaceWith one of the largest banks of local, toll-free, and international business telephone numbers, we know a thing or two about porting. At VirtualPBX, we let customers port in their numbers at no extra charge. We’ve also worked to speed up the process and can generally assure that all porting requests are completed well ahead of the industry average – usually between 3-5 business days for local numbers and 5-7 days for toll-free numbers. Need your number ported now? You can get started immediately in an online chat with us.

Either way, though, we’ll provide you with a temporary number that will forward into your new VirtualPBX account the moment you sign up so you’ll never experience a lapse in service when making the switch to VirtualPBX.

VirtualPBX Porting Practices that Keep You Safe

VirtualPBX has made a system through which all Dash account holders can have total visibility on their porting process, and even manage it themselves. This is in addition to the speed that the migration process with VirtualPBX inherently has. Plus, with our helpful porting view on the Dash interface, you’ve got 100% transparency on all of your numbers’ activity. This is in addition to the double redundancy and military-grade encryption standards that we employ at every level of your system to ensure data integrity. This means that with VirtualPBX business VoIP plans, you can move as quickly as you like without compromising on the safety or security of your platform.

Start Porting Your Telephone Number Into VirtualPBX

Getting started with porting your business telephone number into a new VirtualPBX VoIP account is easy, and with the ability to use a free VirtualPBX Web Phone right from your favorite browser, you can be up and running in just a few minutes. To begin, simply choose the Dash Plan that works best for your business, follow the simple steps to sign up, and then the porting process will begin. It’s as easy as that! Plus, you can always port in other numbers to your account as you need them or choose new telephone numbers from our bank of hundreds of thousands of options.

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