International Phone Numbers

Get an international phone number from the hosted PBX leader

In today’s global market, it is often not enough to just provide a domestic phone number for your business, and VirtualPBX can help. We offer international numbers for our service in hundreds of cities spanning over 40 countries. And with VirtualPBX, calls to your international phone number will be handled by the inventor and leader of the hosted PBX industry.

International, local, toll-free – it’s your choice

VirtualPBX can offer an international phone number almost anywhere. We have international numbers in over 40 countries, or you can choose a local phone number or even US domestic toll free numbers. And you can have as many as you want, of any type. Choose an international phone number in London or Paris for your clients there, include a local number anywhere from Aberdeen to Zionsville to give yourself a local presence, or add some US toll free numbers to make a national statement.

There’s a price, and it’s surprisingly low

Save MoneyAdding an international phone number to your VirtualPBX system is often less expensive than getting a local number from your local phone company. The specific cost depends on the country, but the cost in most countries is just $20 per month. And you don’t pay extra for minutes for these numbers. The free minutes in your plan apply to international numbers just like any other kind of number.

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If you would like to know more about phone number availability and cost in a specific area, or have any questions about international phone numbers in general, contact us. Not a VirtualPBX customer yet? Compare our plans to get started.

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