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Go Global with International Phone Numbers

Expand Your Business Communications Across The Pond and Beyond

Expanding to other markets across international borders can be one of the most daunting, yet most lucrative, endeavors for any business, especially in trying to find phone numbers that will reach your global audience. The illusion of international phone numbers being prohibitively expensive is frightening enough for many businesses to not even investigate the possibility. International business numbers from VirtualPBX leverage advances in hosted telephony that can make international numbers more affordable than domestic phone service with international phone numbers starting at $4.99 each per month.

International Phone Numbers

Work Internationally and Communicate Domestically with International Phone Numbers

Ideal equally for companies that are based internationally and place calls to the United States and for domestic companies that want to provide inexpensive calling options for international callers alike, VirtualPBX International Phone Numbers are your passport to new markets across the globe!

Countries We Serve

Just because you are an international business doesn’t mean you need to be limited in your business phone service. For the best in cloud-based communications, look to VirtualPBX! Here’s a list of countries we serve:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • France
  • Canada

No matter what longitude or latitude you target for your next business expansion, VirtualPBX has you covered. Even though VirtualPBX has an enormous presence in the United KingdomCanada, and Mexico, we serve companies in over 40 countries and own thousands of international phone numbers in dozens more.

Hundreds of Options, Zero Limitations

Expanding into international markets is, just like our domestic services, totally customizable to the needs of your business. You can choose from thousands of local numbers for any country in our serviceable area, including Direct Inward Dialing numbers that help you track your international campaigns, too.

Obtaining and using your international phone number is as easy as hopping on a call with one of our VoIP specialists, signing up for your VirtualPBX Business Phone Plan, and enabling international calling on the users of your choice. You can even allow international calling for some users and not others if you desire. Depending on the location of your international phone number, the rate will vary. 

So quit waiting to grow your business! Learn more about all the VirtualPBX Business Phone Plans features and costs firsthand with our no-obligation Free Demo by chatting with a VoIP specialist now!

Get International Phone Numbers with VirtualPBX

Join thousands of happy customers when you sign up for business phone service from VirtualPBX. Get international numbers, enterprise-level features, and 24/7 technical support so your business can get help, no matter what timezone you’re in this week. 

International numbers are included on Pro, Ultra, and Contact Center Plans.

Let us show you the transformative impact VirtualPBX can have on your contact center efficiency and customer satisfaction with a free demo! We’ll cover Live Dashboards, custom queue options, Call Tagging, and more, followed by a quote for your business.