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Peplink Balance 30 LTE SD-WAN Router

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Peplink Balance 30The Peplink Balance 30 LTE SD-WAN Router, designed for power users and home offices, accepts multiple inbound links from DSL, cable, and 4G/3G providers. It creates failover for reliability and workplace stability that’s greater than any individual link can deliver on its own. Businesses can attach multiple devices like desktops and Wi-Fi routers to create their own local networks, and they can use the built-in LTE modem for local cellular network connectivity.

  • 2 Ethernet WAN Ports
  • 4 LAN Ports
  • 200 Mbps Throughput
  • Built-in LTE Modem
  • Built-in SD-WAN Controller to Manage Devices and Create VPNs

For more information, read the Peplink Balance 30 LTE SD-WAN Router Datasheet.

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