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5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs Video Calling

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5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs Video Calling

Why Every Small Business Needs Video CallingVideo calling empowers businesses of all sizes and industries to communicate and collaborate in ways that extend beyond virtual meetings. It can help you reduce operational costs and propel efficiency at your business in the wake of the uncertain times ahead.

As a telecommunications company with over two decades of experience, we’re no stranger to providing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Here’s why you should now, more than ever, begin using video at your organization.

1. Increase Productivity

Are your employees already working from home? Your small business, could potentially save thousands on rent, office supplies, and utilities expenses by telecommuting full-time. According to Skill Scouter, 94% of businesses claim that video conferencing has increased their business’s productivity. In other words, moving to a virtual office is great for your pocketbook and your employee efficiency.

2. Improve Training and Reporting

As a remote-first team, we know first-hand the importance of utilizing video calling for training and informational purposes. Our Marketing, Sales, and Support teams rely on video screen sharing for explaining complex procedures, creating product demonstrations, and presenting analytics live. With video calls, you too can share your important documents with dozens of others in a company conference.

3. Expedite Your Interviews

Video conferencing allows businesses to forego in-person interviews in favor of quick and convenient video interviews that are just as effective. Save yourself the time and money on airline tickets, lodging, and meals for your interview candidates by conducting virtual interviews with them instead.

4. Boost Your Team Morale

Over the years we’ve learned that video calls can accomplish what voice calls cannot. While VirtualPBX offers both Voice and Video Calling (Beta) for 1-1 video calls, we intentionally conduct daily video meetings because it creates a stronger interpersonal connection among our team members. Placing a face to the voice and inviting our co-workers into our home office is akin to the watercooler conversation. This helps us communicate well and often.

5. Increase the Value of Your Meetings

Ever gathered a dozen people into a conference room only to find out you’re missing the dongle that connects to the projector? Huddling employees into a conference room can be an unproductive and unreliable method of communication. Keep your team on task with video-based meetings that get straight to the point.

Voice and Video Together in Harmony

At one time, professional video conferencing was a costly solution for businesses. With VirtualPBX Video Calling (Beta), you can now enjoy 1-1 video calls as part of our shift towards being a complete Unified Communications provider.

Want to take Video Calling (Beta) for a test-drive? New and existing customers can sign up for it today!

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