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5 Ways to Improve Microsoft Teams Call Performance

Microsoft Teams

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5 Ways to Improve Microsoft Teams Call Performance

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“Bring Your Own Telecom Provider” and “Call Center Software” are two of the main selling points of Microsoft Teams.

As a leader in Unified Communication Solutions, we’re excited to share exactly how our native integration will supercharge your Teams experience.

Improved call reliability, advanced call routing, and sophisticated call reports are just a few of benefits you can expect from our powerful integration.

Today’s blog will share how you can level up your Microsoft Teams call performance while maintaining user’s focus within Microsoft Teams.

1. Unlimited Calling

Unless all of your business contacts have Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams, you’re bound to outgrow the call limitations placed on Teams accounts. VirtualPBX offers the best of both worlds. From inside your Microsoft Teams portal, your employees can convienently receive inbound calls and make outbound calls to all 50 US states, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

2. Advanced Call Reports

When managing dispersed employees, call handling insights are vital to tracking the peformance and quality of your call operation. By leveraging our sophisticated call reports, you’ll be able to monitor employee performance or department-specific KPIs. Furthermore, our vast selection of time-based and performanced-based reports can be accessed by management on a schedule or on-demand.

3. Call Center Functionality

Enable your agents to be more effective when serving customers from anywhere. Empower your Microsoft Teams call center with robust features like ACQ Queues Pro and Multiple Auto Attendants. Plus, you get call center favorites like Whisper, Barge, Agent Performance, Activity Logs, and Dynamic Call Monitoring through VirtualPBX.

4. Call Routing Features

Our customers choose VirtualPBX to have precise control over their call routing. Features like Auto Attendant Menus, Department Routing, and ACD Queues Pro are designed with logic that keeps your caller experience frictionless and customer satisfaction high.

5. Phone Number Management

Our VirtualPBX dashboard makes it easy to manage your local, toll-free, and international numbers without bogging down your Teams account. Plus, you can utilize our Advanced Call Reports to track phone number activity for users, initiatives, and campaigns.

Give the Microsoft Teams Dialer a Boost

Your agents shouldn’t have to learn a new software to get superior call quality. With the VirtualPBX Microsoft Teams Integration, your employees will be able to access advanced telephony and call center features right from the Teams dialer.

If you would like to learn more, our experts are happy to offer a free demo of all that VirtualPBX has to offer your Microsoft Teams account.

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