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Summer Telecommuting with Hosted VoIP

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Summer Telecommuting with Hosted VoIP

Balmy weather can make even the most dedicated employees and small business owners feel trapped in their workplace, while warm, beautiful days of summer wait just outside. Blue skies and sunshine can lead to distracted workers who find excuses to take lots of time off. Flexible workplaces that allow summer telecommuting often see higher returns on employee productivity and satisfaction by allowing their workers to maintain their connection to the office while enjoying everything that summer has to offer. One way to support summer telecommuting is to use hosted VoIP services to maintain network connectivity to the main office while working from a fixed remote location or while on the move.

By shifting to a hosted VoIP solution, businesses are able to provide an extra perk for employees who wish to work from home office locations or any other location that supports a broadband connection, instead of a traditional workplace. Businesses that offer telecommuting as an option can attract top talent to help them grow and expand.

Moving away from a traditional PSTN network also allows small businesses to easily and inexpensively scale their phone services as their size increases and new lines must be added to accommodate extra employees. An on-site PSTN infrastructure is notoriously expensive to maintain and expand. By replacing it with a hosted solution, both the upfront infrastructure costs and ongoing IT costs are marginalized and sometimes eliminated altogether. Hosted VoIP providers take on the expenses of scaling their customers’ phone networks since the databanks and supporting infrastructure are located at their facilities rather than by the end user.

Modern VoIP providers are able to provide telecommuting options through a range of services, most notably softphone applications, which allow smartphones or computers to function as natural VoIP extensions of business phone systems. Through the use of softphones, small businesses are able to provide telecommuting options to employees who wish to take advantage of working from home, as well as providing flexibility and across-the-board savings to their office phone networks. If these features are attractive to your small business, consider a hosted VoIP solution today.

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