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Softphones: What They are and Why Small Businesses Need Them

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Softphones: What They are and Why Small Businesses Need Them

Investing in technology is invaluable for small businesses that wish to cut costs. Whether streamlining paperwork or optimizing your workday, entrepreneurs and companies of all shapes and sizes look for ways to make their businesses leaner and meaner. With the popularization of Voice over Internet Protocol, (VoIP) business technology, softphone systems have become widespread.

Most small business entrepreneurs probably use or have used softphones at some point – and just didn’t know it.

A softphone is a program (or app) that allows its’ user to make telephone calls over the internet. Some softphone systems have special headsets, but generally, the service requires a regular computer and audio system – speakers and a microphone, to function. Modern softphone applications also exist for smartphones and other mobile devices. Put simply, it makes the whole phone system virtual, without any wires or handsets to worry about.

There are also several other features that make softphones a great choice for small businesses, which include:

– Flexibility: By not relying on any hardware, softphones can work in conjunction with an already existing VoIP PBX system. Integration with the pre-existing network allows smooth service and minimal downtime for business owners who need to shift offices or continue working from home.

– Cost-efficiency: With a softphone, customers are no longer reliant on traditional phone service providers and are thusly spared the expenses of running a separate business Private Branch Exchange (PBX) network. By relying on VoIP technology, all they need is a stable internet connection to maintain contact with their customers.

– Portability: A business VoIP softphone allows entrepreneurs who often commute to use their desk phone outside the office. It is designed to allow full access to all the features of their work phone from their laptop or smartphone. Since there’s no physical device, their office space is less cluttered as well.

Regardless of whether you’re aligning it with your business VoIP PBX solution, using it in place of your regular phone or as a supplement to your smartphone, a softphone is a smart idea for small businesses looking to cut down on their bills, unclutter their workplace, or have their employees telecommute . If your small business can benefit from these changes, consider a softphone solution today.

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