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No Regifting Required with VirtualPBX VPN for VoIP Service

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No Regifting Required with VirtualPBX VPN for VoIP Service

Avoid Regifting With VPN for VoIP ServiceIt’s not unheard of to receive a gift and then turn around and use it as a gift from you to someone else. Regifting, people, it’s a real thing. Okay, we’ve all had to feign excitement for a gift once or twice in our lives, but that’s no excuse to turn right around and give it right back! But let’s forget the brow furrowing ethics questions that underline this present giving practice and think about how to stop it from happening altogether. Of course, you never know what to get for some people and that will persist probably as long as gift-giving is a thing we all do. However, there is a way to prevent this from being an issue for your colleagues by offering them what is effectively some buyer’s remorse insurance.

Stop Regifting at the Source

We understand that not everyone out there will choose one of the VirtualPBX VoIP plans we offer. But while most other VoIP options on the market are adequate replacements there are those, too, that have left customers feeling like their hands are tied after they sign a contract. Often times, problems with VoIP service can be identified rather quickly, and sound quality can be restored to crystal clarity. Unfortunately, there has never been a VoIP service provider that offered the type of diagnostic work to solves this for businesses that were on competitors’ plans… until now!

VPN for VoIP Service

The all-new VPN for VoIP Service is designed to be exactly what the doctor ordered for any VoIP user who is less than thrilled with their service. By breaking all of the molds, VirtualPBX VPN for VoIP Service has designed a way to channel all of a company’s voice traffic through an independent and protected hosted environment so that its quality never suffers. Additionally, by isolating the voice traffic away from the rest of the internet traffic a company has, VPN for VoIP protects VoIP traffic at the same time it leaves the rest of the network traffic to flow freely. This means that all of your last-second shopping or college football bowl game research can proceed unhindered while the conference calls and Support Team can keep on humming better than ever before.

Telling a colleague who is experiencing network challenges on their hosted telephone service about VPN for VoIP Service is the one present guaranteed to not be regifted. So join us in the fight to end regifting completely and to improve the way every business communicates. And until then, have a safe and happy holiday season!

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