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Introducing The Brand New VPN for VoIP Service from VirtualPBX

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Introducing The Brand New VPN for VoIP Service from VirtualPBX

New VPN for VoIP ServiceEvery technology has a field of experts that specialize in maintaining and repairing all of the types of challenges those users of the technology encounter. This shouldn’t be a foreign concept to anyone who has ever taken their car to a mechanic or even taken a garment to a tailor for alterations. Expertise on a topic and the ability to correct typically hasn’t been dependent on knowledge of one specific brand or style, but rather on a greater understanding of the area in general. That’s what really defines an expert. This is why we found it strange that there existed no such option for companies who rely on VoIP for their communications beyond the Customer Support of their service provider. And that is exactly why we decided to build the industry’s first, totally brand agnostic telephony optimization service. Introducing the brand new VPN for VoIP Service from VirtualPBX!

What is VPN for VoIP Service?

Remember the lonely Maytag Repairman who never had anything to do because of the reliability of those Maytag appliances he was trained to service? Well, imagine if he had taken his wealth of repair knowledge and offered it to owners of all sorts of appliances. This is a lot like what we’ve been able to do with our brand new VPN for VoIP Service. VPN for VoIP Service is a series of steps taken for the owner of a hosted communications network to optimize, protect, and maintain impeccable voice traffic without compromising the overall data use of an organization. We accomplish this through several steps that build an alternate channel for all of your voice communications to be routed via our protected hosted environment. By creating an impenetrable tunnel for your voice communications that bypasses all of your company’s typical internet traffic, we create the ideal environment for all of your hosted communications from important conference calling to Johnson checking his Fantasy Football team.

Who Can Use VPN for VoIP?

Because we had been building this type of voice protections for our clients for so long, we started to get referrals to members of other hosted telecom service providers who wanted the same benefits. This is where we revolutionized the Maytag Repairman approach to providing this service. Variations in software as a service for voice communications certainly exist, and we are proud to have benefitted from differentiating some of our VoIP platforms to our competitors’ accordingly. However, much of the actual network architecture that needs to be manipulated in order to create an optimized telecommunications system is universal. Therefore, we are able to offer this service to any company that employs a hosted business phone system, regardless of their provider.

How To Get Started

This is perhaps the easiest part of it all. We have a nationwide network of remote teams who are on call to deploy VPN for VoIP Service solutions anywhere in the lower 48 United States. Additionally, our in-house Support Experts are also here 365 days a year from 7:00 AM-7:00 PM Pacific Time to field your questions and get you started. To find out what type of optimizations we can provide for your business with a VPN for VoIP, simply follow this link to get the process started. You are just a few minutes and clicks away from never having to worry about your telephone network failing again, thanks to the all-new VPN for VoIP Service from VirtualPBX!

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