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The #MobileYear Sweepstakes from VirtualPBX is Live!

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The #MobileYear Sweepstakes from VirtualPBX is Live!

virtualpbx-mobile-year-giveawayTired of looking at the pictures of your coworker’s extended trip to SCUBA in Belize while the snow is piling up outside? Or maybe you just are feeling that post-holiday malaise and are carrying the weight of returning to work like a ton of bricks. Well boy oh boy do we have good news for you! Starting now, you can go sign up to win over $1,000 in the tools you need to work from anywhere.

What #MobileYear Is

The #MobileYear Sweepstakes is more than just another sign-up-to-win experience from the depths of the internet. This is an opportunity to win big and live big, all while staying connected to the people, places, and things that matter to you and your business. Take a look at what one lucky winner will receive-

  • One free year of Dash VoIP service for all of your business communications. This award-winning hosted business phone system is easy to use anywhere you have a access to the internet and has a $250 value!
  • A lifetime subscription for up to 5 team members to the Remotive channel on Slack valued at $295! For anyone working remotely or who would want to, Remotive is the single best source of remote work tips, jobs, and community news.
  • A year’s subscription to Sneek, the slickest video chat tool for business out there with a whopping value of $600! This tool lets you check-in and check-up-on all of your team members quickly and personally, no matter where any of you are in the world!
  • And most importantly, you also will win the best prize of all – NO MORE EXCUSES! So sign up now!

The #MobileYear Won’t Last Long

We hope you’re as excited about this great collaboration to offer one lucky winner the chance of a lifetime as we are. Don’t let the excitement distract you from doing what you need to do, go sign up now and make sure your name is in the hat. Because the contest ends on January 31, 2017, you’ll need to act fast. Plus, we’re going to offer you more chances to win with the more people you share the sweepstakes with, so make sure to let everyone on Twitter and Facebook know about the contest early and often. Because, who knows, maybe you’ll both be working remotely thanks to these great tools before you know it.

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