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An Early Present: Snap Recordings Holiday Greetings From VirtualPBX

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An Early Present: Snap Recordings Holiday Greetings From VirtualPBX

early-presentEvery time I hear my friends discussing the various gift-giving traditions in their families, I am reminded of how different all of our expectations really are. I have some Jewish friends who do the traditional eight days of gifts and some who save it all for the end. I know people who celebrate Christmas with a morning full of gifts and some other who open them all the night before on Christmas Eve. Then there are others still who defer or advance their gifts considerably from their respective holidays to accommodate time spent with certain distant relatives. The one thing I’ve found to be consistent over all of these families, however, is that the children involved always think it’s too long of a wait to get to the unwrapping. While this may invite a conversation about how deeply consumerism has permeated this time of the year, I think it’s better to focus on how awesome an early present is, instead. And with that in mind, we have our own early present to give to you!

For You, From Us – Free Holiday Recordings

One of our business partners, Snap Recordings, has been providing professional studio-quality recordings for our customers for years and the results have been terrific. It was with that in mind that we decided to partner with them again for something special for our customers this holiday season. Starting today, businesses can download one of eight free holiday recordings from Snap Recordings! This is an unprecedented offer from the Hollywood caliber talent pool that Snap Recordings relies on and something we’re proud to offer to all of our customers.

The Real Spirit of the Season

We routinely build products on the notion that everyone who uses VoIP should benefit from the best options out there. It was with this same philosophy that we’ve decided to offer these free holiday recordings from Snap Recordings to anyone who needs them, not just our customers. Simply follow this link to the eight, pre-recorded holiday greetings, choose which one you want, and download it for your business’ use. It’s that simple!

We believe that this early present will help any business present a more polished, professional, and festive appearance during the holidays. Furthermore, we believe that every business, not just our own customers, should benefit from a little extra consideration, and we’re happy to offer that to you all.

Make sure to share with us your favorite holiday traditions, unwrapping practices, and which one of these early present recordings you chose to use on our Twitter account or Facebook page. Until then and no matter what your traditions may be, have a safe and happy holiday season!

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