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Back to Work Makeover Sweepstakes Winner!

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Back to Work Makeover Sweepstakes Winner!

sweepstakes winnerCongratulations to the Back to Work Makeover Sweepstakes winner, Jacob M. from Wilmington, North Carolina! While we had thousands of entries, Jacob M. proved it only takes one to win it all and now he’s the recipient of the grand prize, $250 in VirtualPBX products and services along with another $100 in Amazon gift credits to round it out. We couldn’t be happier for him and his family but also we’re grateful to all of you who entered and shared your participation with your friends and family all over the world.

Today’s Sweepstakes Winner is Tomorrow’s Telephony Guru

While all of our entrants would have been worthy winners, Jacob and his family of wife and two daughters is the perfect candidate for a total work phone makeover. A professional carpenter and avid farm-to-table Lemonadist (yes I just made that word up), Jacob often juggles work and personal phone calls from the field. He said he’s likely to invest his winnings into a new phone to accommodate the mobile nature of his work. With the back to work theme being addressed with the $250 in VirtualPBX credit, there’s a good chance that back to school is going to have a new look for his little ladies, too, thanks to the $100 Amazon gift card. Between the boosted business communications and promise of new school supplies for the kiddos, it’s safe to say that Jacob and his family will be more than satisfied with being our sweepstakes winner.

More Fun on the Way

If you enjoyed the Back to Work Makeover Sweepstakes, you’re in luck because we’re not done yet with all of our shenanigans, not by a long shot! Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook feeds to learn about what we have cooking down the road. Between fun Halloween antics and exciting product news and information, we’re always sure to keep it fresh. So in the meanwhile, thank you again to all of the entrants and congratulations again to our sweepstakes winner, Jacob!

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