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Work From Anywhere

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Work From Anywhere

Working at CafeDispersed and telecommuting workforces are becoming more and more frequent in the modern workplace. This is not the biggest headline. What is more important now, however, is how the job market has begun to shift as a result of this added freedom in work routines. The populist movement back into the home for working hours has meant that companies now have to totally reconsider the conventional wisdom of hiring and benefits packages that have been mainstays for decades.

It’s Not Just Those Dang Kids

Millennials get a bad wrap from some of the old guard for their perceived lack of loyalty, high need for positive reinforcement, and, more relevantly, their desire for “chill” and flexible work environments. The fact is that a lot of those myths are simply that, myths, but younger workers are often credited with impacting the changing landscape of the modern workplace. The reality is, however, that there are many popular movements calling for change in time at the office expectations, not just millennials.

LeanIn.Org, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women achieve their goals in the American workplace, sees flexible work schedules as more than just a nicety to offer applicants. By improving maternity/paternity leave benefits and family-friendly flexible work schedules, businesses can count on greater investment and loyalty from their workers who have been historically penalized for adopting a family-first approach to work/life balance.

Change is in the Air

The typically straight-forward listing of the 100 best companies to work for has seen a complete recalibration when tailored for those seeking better work/life balance and the flexible schedule that working from home provides. In the spirit of competition, both for the best talent and for the sake of being number one, a greater number of companies are making strides to offer more than at-work lunches and a gym stipend. By ensuring a more accommodating and less punitive approach to work place flexibility, employers and employees alike are reporting higher job satisfaction than ever before.

Work From Home, The Simple Solution

Establishing a realistic work from home policy at your workplace is more than just typing up a document from Human Resources. Having the guidelines that work for your organization in place is only one half of the solution, though. The other half of executing on your WFH strategy is having the right tools to empower your newly remote workforce.

Possibly the simplest way to make your turn-key transition into a mobile-friendly, dispersed workforce is with the VirtualPBX Anywhere Plan. With it, companies can offer a variety of compelling features to their employees, including-

  • Let your employees use their existing mobile devices
  • Keep private numbers private by using just a single office number with Softphones
  • Offer conference lines, accessible both inside and outside of the office
  • Manage phone system activity, usage, and access wherever you have an internet connection
  • Expand and change your system with ease to meet your current and evolving needs

VirtualPBX’s award-winning Anywhere Plans are packed with features and customization options that are ideal for smaller organizations who want to offer their teams industry-leading telecommuting options that let them work from anywhere. For any questions about the Anywhere Plan, inquiries about solutions for larger organizations, or any other VoIP issues, please contact the VirtualPBX Support Team today.

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