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Perusal Amusal – Why We Love the Internet

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Perusal Amusal – Why We Love the Internet

Coffee and NewsThere’s a lot of noise out there in the worldwide interwebz, we get it. But beyond all of the pseudo-science, cat videos, and conspiracy theories there are also some gems, too. We’re known to mine for them from time to time and want to share this week’s best of the internet with you. Because you deserve it.

Because not everyone thinks that history is as important as their own world views-

Because the Father of Modern Design-Led Business deserves some recognition-

Because speaking about design, a nice interface can make problem-solving more fun-

Because there’s more than one way to deal with overflowing landfills-

Because sometimes graffiti comes in moving pictures-

And because jackhammers aren’t the only way to beat up works of art-

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