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So You Wanna Be A Star? – Guest Blogging

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So You Wanna Be A Star? – Guest Blogging

Be A Star With Guest BloggingWe’re a passionate group here. Everything from providing innovative technology and communications platforms to the total commitment we have to giving the industry’s most dedicated support team is proof of our passion. But, because you’re reading this blog, you probably already know that we’re passionate about offering a real, human, and most importantly valuable voice of business here with what we write about. The reality is, though, in spite of our commitment to excellence, we can only cover so much. This is where your opportunity for guest blogging comes in.

ShareASale & Guest Blogging

If you haven’t seen yet, we proudly offer one of the most lucrative, well-supported affiliate programs in the industry. Well we’ve decided to flesh that out even further. Now, for our active affiliates, there is also another opportunity to get more out of their relationship with VirtualPBX through Guest Blogging. We know that we don’t know everything (gasp!) but what’s more, we know that our affiliate partners are so successful partly due to our comprehensive sales support, but mostly because they are experts in their own fields, too.

Getting Started Blogging With VirtualPBX

With this type of a library of excellent information available in our immediate network, we want to simultaneously widen the breadth of topics we cover here and give even more value to our partners. That’s why we offer up to $100 for each approved blog that they provide. All of the details are available on our Affiliate Program Sign-Up page, but we really don’t want to throttle it too much with requirements. Have a successful customer story? Want to share a unique insight on how technology helps you at work? Feel like sharing how you and your customers benefit from VirtualPBX? We welcome anything and generally turn around approvals in just a couple of days.

So what are you waiting for? We know you have plenty to talk about, and we want to help you get a larger audience to share all the gems you’ve got! Hop on your laptop and get started with your first idea, and for inspiration you can always feel free to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for topic ideas on your first stab at guest blogging. Until then, happy writing!

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