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Boost Employee Training With a Call Recorder

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Boost Employee Training With a Call Recorder

Call RecorderA call recorder can make its presence felt in many areas of your business. Whether you’re a five-person outfit with no physical storefront or a support center with more than 100 employees, the addition of recordings can have a positive impact on your everyday operations.

The benefits of call recording start with employee training sessions. New hires can hear, first hand, how interactions take place between your current staff and customers. They can begin their new positions on the right foot by learning from the best.

We include Call Recording in the Advanced, Enterprise, and Ultimate levels of our Dash Business Phone Plans so you can easily add recording to your own training sessions.

What are some of the experiences trainees can witness in recordings? Let’s check out a few.

Customer Stories

No matter the type of market you’re involved in, customers always have stories to tell. Sometimes they’re excited, and sometimes angry; regardless of their mood, stories that come straight from the customer are the undiluted result of the experience your brand offers.

New hires can learn a lot from the time when a customer has a great experience with your product. And they can learn just as much from the individual who wants to cancel their service because a feature didn’t work as they expected.

These are the lessons that will translate to improved future customer experiences. From their first days, your new hires can experience, virtually, the joys and pain points customers have expressed. Then they can recognize those same situations in their own interactions on the job.

Up the Ladder to Management

It’s possible that customers will speak to many employees at your business in a single call. A caller, for instance, may begin with a support representative and make their way to sales before finally reaching a manager.

Your newest employees in any of those positions (support, sales, or management) can gain a lot of information from hearing the customer journey. Your training can address the time it took for each transfer to take place and the tone in which each individual spoke to the customer. This can help your employees better understand that customers may have to jump through many hoops – and may be understandably frustrated – by the time they get to their final destinations.

Product Upgrades

Sometimes, it can also be helpful to show trainees what it’s like when a customer has been upgraded from one service to another. If you have three tiers of an online service, it is inevitable that some customer will choose to move up the ladder. New hires can hear exactly how that happens.

Although this type of situation may be specific to sales teams, any member of your staff can benefit from hearing the upgrade process. It can expose a customer’s motivations for a switch and the manner in which a sales associate negotiated the deal.

All From a Call Recorder

The situations described above can find daylight through the use of a call recorder. Employees can gain access to the myriad experiences customers will have as they work with your business – both in good times and bad.

As a Dash system administrator, you can search for recordings in our Call Recording Manager. Files can be sorted by date, length of recording, and caller ID.

Call Recording Manager

Let your newest hires absorb the gamut so they can replicate the best moments you have to offer. When you add Call Recording to your training regimen, your customers will certainly be happier as a result, and your staff will become ready for anything the job will throw their way.

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