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A Glimpse Into Teleconferencing at VirtualPBX

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A Glimpse Into Teleconferencing at VirtualPBX

Teleconferencing What’s the biggest benefit that teleconferencing offers your business? For our dispersed workforce here at VirtualPBX, it offers our team members the ability to work from anywhere and still remain productive throughout the day.

We conduct sales meetings, discuss product announcements, and even enjoy some water cooler-type discussion through virtual meetings that reach from New York to California. Our get-togethers are typically short and productive. They function in a manner that keeps team members informed but allows them to quickly get back to the core duties of their positions. These benefits highlight why the global web conferencing market was worth almost $5 billion in 2016 and is expected to nearly triple in value in the coming decade.

Conferencing makes remote work possible for our team, and our use of audio conferencing helps us better understand why it’s essential to many other companies just like our own. This is why we stand behind our Dash Business Phone Plans that allow users to hold both three-way conversations and audio conferences.

Consider these tidbits about how conferencing helps us function daily as a business with dozens of remote employees.

Daily Check-In Meetings

One recurring type of meeting many groups have in our company are check-in meetings. They allow individual departments – say, five employees – to discuss what they’re working on today and how those tasks could impact the group and the company.

As just one example, the marketing department’s daily check-in usually includes a discussion about how its activities inside the company are performing in the outside world. Regarding social media, this includes talk about metrics (Follows, Shares) from the websites we utilize most often (Facebook, Twitter). And concerning marketing activities like email newsletters, the department may talk about click-through rates or bounces.

Weekly Product Updates

Even more team members attend our weekly meetings about the VirtualPBX Product Roadmap. Heads of multiple departments may take time here to speak about how their sub-teams are affecting the various products we create, including Dash.

For instance, team leads in Engineering may talk about the development of a new Dash feature, which will inform Marketing about the type of content it should create. Then Sales can be ready to address the new product features customers may ask about in initial sales calls. The information sharing in these meetings is essential for our cross-department communication.

Efficiency in Teleconferencing

Ultimately, what we see in our meetings – whether they happen every day or week – is a transfer of essential information that doesn’t take any more time than it should. Many of us hop into conferences from remote locations, so we don’t waste any time traveling to meeting rooms or having to physically separate ourselves from our workstations.

Teleconferencing has given us the ability to run an effective operation without forcing all our employees to work from the same physical location. It may take some getting used to, but any company with the right mindset can make remote work, bolstered by conferences, a strong part of their own workplace.

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