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Tech Tools – RefME Is Back to School Approved

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Tech Tools – RefME Is Back to School Approved

RefME For Back To SchoolAs much as we’d try to be the go-to answer for every technological need that any business has, we can’t even be the answer to all of our own needs! That being the case, just like our customers, we need to look to third-party developers to see what helps. For the occasional standouts, we’ve created this series of blog posts to help you share in the benefits we’ve enjoyed from our favorite Tech Tools.

For this edition of Tech Tools, we’re looking at a new bit of software that is useful for people pursuing higher education. RefME is the single tool I wish I had in college. By integrating into all aspects of your research-paper-footprint, RefME makes source citations in the arduous and meticulous APA or MLA formats easy.

Bibliographies Are a Breeze

RefME takes the exhaustive, detailed, and often confusing world of literary citations and simplifies it with a few elegant solutions. First they have a Chrome extension that basically does all the work for you for digital sources, but more interesting is how they work with citing physical books. Because students today can’t be expected to bother with typing the book information themselves (gasp, the very notion indeed!), RefME has a slick camera integration that covers that. Simply by using the app to scan a book’s barcode and choosing the format you want the reference to be in, RefME searches the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to produce the necessary citation.

With three degrees and two of them in journalism, I can think of a few, choice, two-word phrases to describe my reaction to this. Seeing as how this is a family company, however, I’m going to go with these, “Time Saver.”

Build Your Toolbox

This isn’t the first Tech Tool that we’ve introduced you to, and it won’t be the last. To make sure you don’t miss any of the killer tips and tricks we’ve found to help smooth your day through technology, make sure to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to always stay in the know.

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