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Celebrate National Telephone Day With a SIP Phone from VirtualPBX

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Celebrate National Telephone Day With a SIP Phone from VirtualPBX

SIP Phone national telephone dayIf you’re one of our regular readers, you know that we like to take our holidays seriously around here. Whether it’s having a blast with April Fool’s Day or enjoying an entire month of Halloween, we enjoy properly celebrating certain points on the calendar. Which is why it should come as no surprise that we’re especially excited to recognize National Telephone Day. Naturally, we’re sure you’ve already been planning your National Telephone Day picnics well in advance of today, right? Absolutely you have! But, in the event that you have a few missing arraignments yet to be attended to, we thought we’d cover one of the more commonly asked about topics today, specifically those surrounding the SIP phone.

SIP Phone, IP Phone, VoIP Phone, What’s the Difference?

To determine the difference between a SIP phone, an IP phone, and a VoIP phone, it’s important to first understand the terms themselves. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones and IP (Internet Protocol) phones are essentially interchangeable in use. VoIP refers to the use of a cloud-based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) to access the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Basically, that’s a cumbersome way to say that VoIP gets your phones connected to other telephone lines without the use of wires. Also, a VoIP phone and an IP phone are effectively the same things in that they are each physical handset that a person would use to place a VoIP or IP telephone call. A SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) phone is very similar in that it’s also a phone that connects to the PSTN with the aid of data-enabled connections (versus the traditional copper-wire only approach) but it does so slightly differently. SIP Trunks or SIP Channels are cloud connections to on-site PBX hardware. This hybrid of cloud and physical technologies allows companies that have invested in an on-site PBX telephone switch to maximize the functionality of their physical technology. Typical physical connections to on-site PBX hardware have limitations in cost, traffic, customization, speed of installation, and more, and leveraging the power of the cloud by replacing them with SIP trunks is the best way to get more out of existing on-site PBXs.

National Telephone Day Welcomes ALL Phones

It’s easy to see following this quick explanation about what separates a SIP phone from a VoIP phone and an IP phone that there are plenty of options out there for businesses to consider. What we didn’t even mention yet, though, is that the category of VoIP-enabled telephone options includes softphones and Web Phones and that they all play an important roll in business communications, as well. There’s only one place to find all of the best options on the market for business phones, though, and that’s on the VirtualPBX Recommended VoIP Phones and Devices list that is painstakingly curated to ensue that your business has the right options on National Telephone Day and every other day of the year.

Also, you can learn more about what exactly a SIP phone is by reading our What You Need to Know Blogs that cover SIP Calling and SIP Trunking v PRI, respectively. Or, you can also reference our SIP Trunking FAQ’s as well, as compiled by our award-winning Customer Support Team. And that being said, let us know how you’re celebrating National Telephone Day by sharing pictures of your favorite phones and devices with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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