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Why I Didn’t Participate in Bike to Work Day

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Why I Didn’t Participate in Bike to Work Day

I Didn't Bike to WorkLast week was the San Francisco Bay Area’s official Bike To Work Day, and as you may recall from past years, this bike to work fever is something we’ve caught in the past. In fact, we’ve even been keen to get the whole company involved with massive fundraising efforts through the Best Buddies Hearst Castle Bike Ride. The point is that we’re keen to stay active and healthy and considering that the weather here is generally pretty awesome, bike commuting is an easy way to accomplish that. All of this is to underscore the peculiarity of the fact that I didn’t participate in Bike to Work Day.

Bike to Work Requires Both Bikes, And Work

Truth be told, I ride around the city of San Francisco nearly every day, but on the one true cycling celebration of the year I didn’t have a need to. In spite of the BOGO Burrito deals, free donuts and coffee, and overall festival feel that an area as bike-friendly as this has for such an occasion, I was definitely not biking to work last week. That’s not because I’ve decided to stop participating in one of my favorite pastimes, but rather because VirtualPBX expects me to be an expert at working from home. We claim that expert status not only because we provide the best tools to implement a remote working policy, but also because we even regularly educate companies on how to make the most of them from a cultural perspective, too. And being that we like to practice what we preach, last Thursday was a work-from-home day for me. Therefore, while I have a bike, enjoy riding, and new about the energizer stations, I just didn’t have anywhere to go to get the job done on that day. Tough life, right?

National Bike to Work Day

In the event that you wanted to participate in your own Bike to Work Day, there’s good news! National Bike to Work Day is scheduled for this Friday, May 19, 2017. This means that you can share the routes, benefits, and free energizing goodies that are going to be available with your employees and coworkers. Don’t see your area listed? Sign up for the American Bike League’s Bike to Work Day Listings and receive all the tools you need to plan one for next year. Plus, planning ahead now allows for you to do all of the training you need to get comfortable with your own route to work in time for next year, too.

Other Ways to Fit In the Miles on a Workday

While I’m in full support of your efforts to participate in existing Bike to Work events or to introduce your own, that’s not the only way to work some fitness into your day. If you sign up for the latest in hosted VoIP telephone service and then couple it with the tips and tricks that we recommend for using them at work, then everyday can be made flexible enough to get in an activity when it suits you best. Be it riding or running, gym or acro-yoga, whatever you’re into you can get more out of your day by using a hosted phone system. So who knows? Maybe next year you can even get in some extra miles before work, not just because you’re riding to work, but because working from home saved you two hours of commute time!

Oh, and to be clear, even though I didn’t participate in bike to Work Day, I definitely still took advantage of the BOGO burrito specials. Obviously.

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