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AwardsChoosing your business phone service provider is an important step that we take seriously. We understand the importance of having a reliable and uncompromising phone solution that’s as flexible as your business, but doesn’t require a lot of work on your end. With no hardware to install onsite, there is no required maintenance or fees and when your needs change; changes to your system can be made in real-time through our web management portal, available anywhere you have internet access. Keep reading to acquaint yourself with how VirtualPBX works, or contact us to learn more about our business VoIP plans.

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VoIP Phones, Softphones, Mobile Phones…Virtual Phones

VirtualPBX offers you the flexibility to use the phones that best meet your business needs, whether you choose a VoIP phone, a standard analog phone, a cell phone, or a computer. Your virtual office can be anywhere you can connect a VoIP phone to an internet connection.

  • Turn your current analog and/or mobile phones into a business-class PBX phone system
  • Unrestricted features are available regardless of the type of phone or your location
  • VoIP Anywhere technology enables any iPhone, Android, smart device, or computer
  • 99.999% Reliability

When Severe Weather Calls, Don’t Put Your Business on Hold

With PBX Parachute, Back-up is Always on Standby

PBX Parachute

Your business thrives because your customers are able to get in touch with you. Yet, sometimes unforeseen disasters – natural and man-made – occur, leaving you without power or an internet connection. PBX Parachute is a hot-standby phone service that can automatically and instantly take over if your premise-based system goes down. Calls can then be routed to pre-determined alternate locations, such as branch offices, cell phones or home phones. You can also set up an Employee Emergency Hotline to give recovery direction, and make sure everyone is safe. Callers still reach the people they need and business can continue as usual.

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