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VirtualPBX Makes it Easy to Go Green with VoIP

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VirtualPBX Makes it Easy to Go Green with VoIP

Today, using hosted VoIP is a smart move for small business owners seeking to save their company money, while reducing its carbon footprint. Going green is not only beneficial for the environment, it’s a savvy business decision as well.

Telecommuting – In this new age of mobility, apps that provide hosted VoIP functionality play a pivotal role in allowing remote workers to stay connected no matter where they are. Telecommuting is great for the environment since remote workers won’t need to commute to the office every day, cutting down on air pollution and gas consumption. It’s also beneficial for your company since it reduces consumption of electricity and water at the office.

Less hardware, less energy – Since all your hardware is housed at an off-site location, you won’t have to worry about incurring maintenance fees. And on the environmental front – using hosted equipment, including cloud-based VoIP, reduces the amount of PBX hardware that ends up in landfills. Plus, VoIP PBX phone systems use up less energy than old-fashioned analog PBXs.

Portability – Hosted systems that provide VoIP phone access offer you professional business phone system capabilities no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a connection to the Internet. Having the ability to conduct international meetings using video conferencing eliminates travel pollution. Not to mention, it takes the cost of expensive plane tickets, hotels and long-distance calls completely out of the picture.

Whether your focus is on adding new communications features, reducing costs or saving the environment, choosing hosted phone systems that use advanced VoIP features results in clear benefits for both Mother Nature and for your business. With a potential for reduced expenses and higher productivity, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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